RiMS Racing gameplay shown in new Million Dollar Highway Road Race

A brand new gameplay video has been released for RiMS Racing which shows a hot lap on the Million Dollar Highway Road Race. The view is taking from first person showing the view from behind the motorbike’s windshield, and also gives a clear view of the information screen from how fast the bike is travelling to the gear the bike is in. Along with the gameplay footage a new developer diary has been released that goes into RiMS Racing’s details, as well as partnerships with Pirelli and Brembo.


In our RiMS Racing preview, Stefan wrote:

All in all, RiMS Racing is a fascinating take on the bike racing genre. It shoots for the very top of the motorbike spectrum, building an interesting and thoroughly unusual career and progression system around the notion of owning and gradually upgrading your bike to be the very best. I just hope that Raceward can streamline the bike upgrading between now and launch.

There will be over 500 official spare parts available in the game and more than 200 pieces for the rider. Players will be able to analyse the bike data in real time including brake disc temperatures, suspension behaviour, tyre pressure, and the bike electronics. Players will start with the choice of starting with one of eight bikes from Japanese and European producers, who have worked with the developers to make things as accurate as possible.RiMS Racing is set to release on August 19th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Switch.

Source: Press Release

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