The Tales of Arise demo is now live for PlayStation and Xbox

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Tales of Arise, the first new game in the series for half a decade, now has a demo and you can get it from the PlayStation and Xbox store fronts. Players will be able to pick their favourite character and explore Elde Menancia, one of the regions of the game. If you do play the demo you will get the ‘Vacation Hootle’ as a bonus if you purchase the full game. I have no idea what a ‘Vacation Hootle’ is.


You can grab the demo from the links below:

Tales of Arise sets out its stall early as a serious piece of RPG fiction. It tells a tale of oppression and liberation, as the people of the planet Dahna are enslaved and divided by more advanced conquerors of the neighbouring planet Rena.

Tales of Arise takes place in the country of Calaglia, the local people kept in their place and forces to mine the dark, despoiled land, but it turns out that they’re not simply keeping the Dahnans busy for the sake of it. The Dahnans are mockingly called ‘The Embedded’ as they’re controlled by a master core stone embedded in their hands. The Renans can use these stones to siphon natural energy that’s released as they mine the land. The astral energy is collected by a master core, and the Renan lord with the most energy becomes their leader.

Combat follows the classic Tales formula with an action-heavy approach that keeps you swinging your sword with reckless abandon. You can chain regular combos together with your blade, or start unleashing a series of powerful Artes that not only look spectacular, but also remove a healthy chunk of your foes health bar.

You can read more about the game in our preview!

Tales of Arise

Tales of Arise

Tales of ARISE will be available on 10th September 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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  1. Not really my bag but it’s a good looking game and the realtime combat is more accessible to me than the turn-based JRPGs . It’s just good to see some PS5 demos popping up.

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