What We Played #512 – Hades, Death’s Door & Splitgate

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You’ve got to love the summer holidays. Weeks and weeks of time off, kids at home, and an infinite set of possibilities. Unless you have a normal job, or have no children. Still, there’s always games to play whether you’ve got an extended family in the house, or your extended family are spread across the world over Xbox Live or PSN. I’ve been playing Madden 22, and greatly enjoying the return of the NFL pre-season to go alongside it. Besides that it’s been Samurai Warriors 5 and Death’s Door, both of which involve hitting things with swords but are very, very different.

First up is Gareth who’s played Fracked and Greak: Memories of Azur for review. He’s also descended into Hades, telling us, “I’ve beaten that damn Hydra quite a few times now and Hades is likely the best example of its genre, though I haven’t played Returnal yet.”

Tuffcub has mostly “played” Cubase, saying, “I’m very, very busy writing a bunch of music for a new movie. Other than that, I tried Hunters Arena Legends, but that’s a no from me, a couple of games of Splitgate and I have restarted Days Gone and will try not get to annoyed by the un-climbable waist-high rock formations which pissed me off the first time. I’m also very tempted to give Fallout 4 a go as it’s on PS5 PS Plus, and its the last Fallout game I’ll ever get to play… shakes fist at Microsoft

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Nic B has been too busy with social engagements/work – it’s hard being so popular – so he’s pretty much just played Pokémon Go this week. Aran is another on the Hades train, saying “it is so good! I haven’t quite reached the peak of Olympus yet, but I’m making progress. I’m enjoying trying out the different weapons to alternate styles between runs, and getting the different blessings to try new builds.”

Steve has played a smattering of games. First up he’s been in rogue-like central with Starmancer and Jupiter Hell for preview and review respectively. Apparently “both are interesting but not without their issues”. He then also jumped on the increasingly packed Hades train and can confirm that it is a good game. He tells us, “I got spiked by the Hydra a couple of times but loving the feel and look of it. I have also been playing the wonderful Knights and Bikes with my daughter and got stuck into Garden Story on Switch over a few days away in the Yorkshire Dales.”

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Ade has been playing Hades, which is his new favourite game ever. [Geez, you guys should all just get a room with Hades]. He says, “I’m making good progress! My partner and I also picked up Overcooked: All You Can Eat the other day. Yes, we’ve already played through both games, but just couldn’t resist another trip into the manic puzzle fest that is the Overcooked kitchen. Other than that I reviewed Fort Triumph, an enjoyable fantasy spin on the XCOM formula. It’s just a shame the console conversion wasn’t a little tighter.

Finally, Tef has been hopping a pair of genres with RIMS Racing, Psychonauts 2 (for our review next week) and art of rally, which is all lower case and not capitalised. Not to give anything away, he says “One of these is very very good, another is very good and the last is just a bit baffling… can you guess which is which?”. I guess you’re just going to have to wait to find out!

What about you? Have you played anything this week?

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  1. I’ve been playing Monster Hunter World, I’ve got through most of the story (I think) and it seems to be going OK. I keep getting the feeling I’ve gone wrong somewhere and there’s a lot to take in, some of which isn’t brilliantly explained but I’m enjoying myself so that’s the main thing!
    I’ll take a punt on Psychonauts 2 being the one that’s a bit baffling!

  2. Same as last week, mostly.

    Loving Hades, especially how the bosses work. Goes from “this is too hard!” to “Yay! Beat it!” relatively quickly. And then “Bored of this one now” after killing it half a dozen times. Then it changes things around a bit.

    Then more Generation Zero, both solo and with friends, and still having lots of fun.

    And still enjoying Watch Dogs Legion.

    Oh, and the “sort of surprise” release of Quake tempted me. Only 8 quid after all. Still fun after 25 years. Turn off the “motion sensor function” in the input options though. It’s on by default, for some reason. And original NIN soundtrack all present and correct. Apart from in the Quake64 version you can download separately as a mod.

    • Almost forgot. Avengers with the new Black Panther stuff. Wakanda does look nice, and it’s a bit different to the rest of the game. Shame they decided to bugger about with the UI and make it worse. Yay! You can dismantle lots of useless crap at once. Boo! You have to click on each thing first to get to all that useless stuff you want to dismantle.

  3. I’m late as usual! I’ve been enjoying the Metro Exodus ps5 upgrade – game now looks better and feels a lot better to play. Also had the opportunity to try out Watch Dogs Legion and Biomutant (borrowed discs). I enjoyed the first WD game but like the 2nd game this 3rd one doesn’t appeal to me. I used up all of my existing team on one of the early missions and i can’t be arsed recruiting new random members. Biomutant i’m 50/50 on so far, gorgeous looking environments and the combat is good but i’m only a couple hours in so it’s too early to say how long the game will engage me for.

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