Tropical adventure Tchia is coming to PlayStation and PC in 2022

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The gorgeous and colourful tropical adventure of Tchia will be coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC next year, it was announced at the PlayStation Showcase. Check out the new trailer.


Inspired by New Caledonia, Tchia is a wonderfully cute looking game set in a tropical open-world with a fascinating mixture of gameplay elements. The Pacific island of New Caledonia provides the game with a variety of landscapes, the cultures, music, languages and traditions which Tchia blend into a fictional world. A little hint of the game’s story is given by the new trailer, as you’re tasked with finding Meavora and foiling some kind of evil. There’s also clear signs of industrialisation and cities of the modern world encroaching and invading this untamed island.

As shown at the very start of the trailer, there’s a lovely looking mechanic for playing the Ukulele, which you will be able to play with picking, strumming, bends and more. Unlockable melodies will then go on to affect the open world.

Tchia Ukulele

That’s not all, though, as Tchia has a wide range of ways to get around the island. You can run around, clamber, glide, sail and swim, but more surprising is the ability to leap out and use your magic eye to possess all manner of creatures in the world. This trailer shows off possessing a seagull, a dog, crab, turtle and more, but you only have to look back on the game’s original announcement for the wonderfully weird way that you can possess other objects, such as a coconut that then bounces around the world

Tchia was originally announced for Google Stadia and PC via Steam in late 2020, but clearly some things have changed over the last nine months. Both of those launch platforms and storefronts have been ditched, with Tchia now heading to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC via the Epic Games Store instead. No doubt the winding down of Google plans for original games on Google Stadia have had a part in this, and we all know how keen Epic are to secure new exclusives for their PC game shop.

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