Far Cry 6’s cockfighting minigame should be removed, states PETA

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Far Cry 6 has a minigame in it that is a parody of Mortal Kombat, but instead of the usual suspects of Raiden, Sub Zero, and Scorpion entering the fray it is chickens. These fowl fight each other in one on one fights. Now People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, aka PETA, has called on Ubisoft to remove the minigame from Far Cry 6 as the organisation claims that Ubisoft’s game promotes cockfighting as a sport.


Ubisoft has not responded to PETA’s demand to remove the minigame from Far Cry 6, and replace it with something else. It is unlikely that Ubisoft would remove the content, as it would require quite a lot of work to change the code so it does not impact the rest of the game. Whether Ubisoft will take other steps would remain to be seen. Far Cry 6 is set on a fictional island where a bloody dictator rules with an iron fist, and crushes anyone that dares to defy him.

In our review for Far Cry 6, Gareth wrote: “Far Cry 6 feels like a sequel that was made because there needed to be a sequel, that’s making changes because it needs to show progress. The previous three numbered games in the series felt like they had their own identity and tried to offer more and more options to the player, but Far Cry 6 is a lateral move towards something that isn’t quite the Far Cry I originally loved.”

You can read the full Far Cry 6 review here.

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  1. No, it shouldn’t. Hopefully Ubisoft laugh at their stupid demands and tell them to mind their own authoritarian business. This is like the police telling Grand Theft Auto to remove murder from their games.

    It’s a game, get over it, PETA.

    • Ubisoft will probably enjoy the bit of extra publicity. As will PETA.

      People really should just ignore them and not publish articles every time they object to whatever they think they can get some more publicity from. They’re basically terrorists, except they’ve got too many famous people involved and they’re the wrong colour. So they’re just treated as wacky animal rights people with silly ideas and an unhealthy obsession with gaming.

      • Agree with everything you said.

  2. No issues with gunning down hundreds of people, lol

  3. I’m sure nothing will come of this, but PETA have done some great things and I often support their ideas and actions, although they have some questionable traits, like their euthanasia policy. I see how this fits in with one of their core values (stopping cruelty to animals in an entertainment milieu or the promotion thereof), but I seriously doubt video gamers and cockfighting fans have any kind of meaningful crossover!

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