Rogue Company update 1.78 make new operator fixes

Rogue Company Update Patch Notes Header

First Watch Games and Hi-Rez Studios have released Rogue Company update 1.78. You will need to download and install this latest patch in order to login and continue playing online.


There’s is no new content in this update though it does make some quick fixes following the recent addition of Cannon to the game’s roster of heroes.

With the arrival of Cannon, there are now 22 Rogues to choose from, each with their own unique loadouts and special abilities.

A walking homage to 80s actions movies, Cannon is a beefy new defender who wields a massive Gattling Gun. This can be mounted for greater accuracy, the new Rogue’s passive ability giving him a chance to recover ammo when landing shots.

Rogue Company Update 1.78 Patch Notes

Rogue Company has applied a hotfix to all clients to address a few outstanding issues players have reported:

  • Fixed an issue where Cannon’s Gatling Gun played a voice line for each bullet fired.
  • Fixed an issue where Runway’s mastery emote was missing.
  • Fixed an issue where aim assist would drift off of targets when crouching and uncrouching.
  • Fixed an issue where disconnecting and reconnecting to a match broke voice chat for the disconnected player.
  • Fixed an issue that caused reconnected Cannon players to lose the ability to use Gatling Gun for the entire round.
  • Fixed an issue where the Sledgehammer Weapon Mastery wrap was not applying.

Rogue Company just celebrated its first anniversary since launching on PC and consoles. We had nothing but praise for the competitive multiplayer shooter, saying:

“Rogue Company should definitely be on your radar. It offers a slightly more accessible gateway into this brutal shooter subgenre, but manages to do so without losing any of its strategic depth. Early access is now available when purchasing one of the three founder’s packs though Hi-Rez have confirmed that Rogue Company will be free-to-play at launch.”

The free-to-play title is now available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, as well as PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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