Animal Crossing: New Horizons will get its last free content update in November (but it’s huge)

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Nintendo has revealed everything you need to know about the version 2.0 November update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the new Happy Home Designer DLC expansion.

The free update will arrive on 5th November, with Brewster opening his cafe, Kapp’n sailing in on his boat, the appearance of fan-favourite gyroids, new cooking gameplay, a big makeover to Harv’s island with even more characters turning up, and the ability to set ordinances for your island town. However, it will also be the game’s last free content update. After this? Expect any new content to be tied to paid DLC or the Nintendo Switch + Expansion Pack subscription, as the Happy Home Paradise DLC is.

The good news is that version 2.0 is huge, and absolutely stuffed with quality of life features and improvements. Let’s dive in.

Here’s everything that the November update adds to the game:

The Roost & Brewster

  • Brewster’s café, The Roost, will open in the museum – Get a cup of coffee with Brewster, alone or in multiplayer. You might encounter island residents taking a break.
  • Summon characters to the café with amiibo characters and cards. This can even free Sabel from slaving away at the sewing machine!

Kapp’n Mystery Islands

  • Kapp’n will take you from the pier to mysterious islands. Yes, he’ll serenade you on the way, and the islands you reach can have weird new plant life like vines, islands with different seasons or times of day.

Harv’s Island Makeover

  • Harv’s Island is getting a makeover with the appearance of his friend Harriet. You can contribute Bells to Gyroids to create new permanent shops for island visitors Sahara, Kicks, Redd, Leif, Reese and Cyrus.
  • Reese and Cyrus’ shop on Harv’s Island will have more customisation options for island furniture.
  • Katrina’s fortune shop will reveal your fortune for that day.
  • Tortimer will let you access your storage.
  • Harriet will give you new hairstyles.

New Plaza and Resident Services features

  • Take part in group stretching at the plaza with button and motion controls. This can work in multiplayer too.
  • The Resident Representative can set new ordinances: Beautiful Island (to reduce weed growth), Early Bird (to get everyone up early), Night Owl (to keep residents up late) and Bell Boom.
  • There are new home exterior options.
  • Storage expansion now goes up to 5,000 items (up from 2,400 currently).
  • There are new redeemable items in exchange for Nook Miles.

Cooking DIY recipes

  • Cooking is now a part of DIY recipes to mix various farming ingredients into a meal.

The Pro Decorating License

  • The Pro Decorating License lets you add lighting and ceiling decor.
  • Accent Walls let you give a single wall a different pattern.
  • The maximum number of Bridges and Incline increases from 8 to 10.
  • There are nine new fence types: Park, Block, Corrugated Iron, Lattice, Log wall, Green Bamboo, Bamboo Slats, Log and Frozen fencing.
  • Some fence types can be customised.

The Pro Camera App

  • The Pro Camera App lets you walk around in first person before switching to tripod camera mode if you want to be in the picture.

More new additions and quality of life tweaks

  • Custom Design Patterns for items can now be worn as clothes, used as flooring and wallpaper.
  • There’s eleven new hairstyles (four new ones and seven by Harriet).
  • There’s eleven new reactions like waving goodbye, stretching and bopping along to music.
  • Island Life 101 is a new Nook Phone app for newcomers
  • An outdoor storage shed connects to your home storage and can be placed anywhere on the island.
  • A new ABD lets you access your bank account outside the town centre
  • KK Slider will get 12 more songs, including KK Break and KK Polka.
  • There’s a new music box furniture item.
  • Gyroids are back! Plant gyroid fragments and water them to have them grow. You will find more the day after it rains.
  • Gyroids can be customised with colours.
  • Nook’s Cranny will get new items
  • You can craft a new wooden ladder set-up kit that lets you place permanent ladders on cliffs. The DIY recipe can be bought from Nook’s Cranny.
  • You can now sidle through narrow spaces in rooms.
  • Residents might invite you to their home or make a surprise visit to yours.

Phew! We can’t wait for all of this to be added.

Alongside the new in-game content, Nintendo will also be releasing new Animal Crossing Series 5 amiibo cards, featuring 48 characters, some of which have never been featured in the amiibo card collection.

The NookLink feature in the Nintendo Switch Online app will also be getting an update on 5th November, adding more in-game items for you to purchase and an island newspaper to catch up on.

Source: Nintendo

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