A digital Remembrance Book for Sir Clive Sinclair has opened

In September Sir Clive’s daughter, Belinda, confirmed the news he had passed away on having fought cancer for almost a decade. Our younger readers may not know who Sir Clive Sinclair is but it’s not an exaggeration to say he is the father of the British video games industry. For the older readers who wish to pay their respects a digital remembrance book has been opened to celebrate the memory of one of the gaming industry’s most iconic names.

Here’s more from the creators:


Sinclair Book of Remembrance (https://sbor.uk) is a project dedicated to the memory of Sir Clive Sinclair who sadly passed away 16th September 2021.

It is not a business project. It’s completely free and non-monetised. The objective is to create a unique digital monument, composed of our shared Sinclair memories encoded together to create a unique dedication to Sir Clive.

We each contribute a Sinclair memory, by sending an email with your story (with up to 4 images) to “[email protected]”. SBOR will automatically create a page for you on the SBOR site. (eg: https://sbor.uk/m/1?code=41ce), which you can share.

At a predetermined date, for example the 1-year anniversary of Sir Clive’s passing, all of the entries will be combined and encoded into a single unique value.

This will represent all of our combined memories of what Sinclair meant to us and be something we can all share.

I think Sir Clive would find it somewhat amusing that everyone’s thoughts for are condensed down to one simple line of code, it’s rather fitting and represents how programmers of the Spectrum managed to condense entire arcade games in to 48k. Hits such as Operation Wolf, Star Wars, Street Fighter, Rainbow Islands and my personal favourite, R-Type, were all squeezed in to the tiny machine.

You can read more about Sir Clive Sinclair and his legacy here.

Source: Press release

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