Spider-Man Remastered gets two No Way Home suits, exclusively for PS5

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Insomniac has announced that two new suits are coming to Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, taking inspiration from the upcoming film Spider-Man: No Way Home. The suits will be available from 10th December, but are curiously exclusive to the PS5 version of the 2018 game.


Both suits will be added to the game in a free update that will drop this week on Friday 10th December.

Spider Man Remastered No Way Home Free Suit

The two new suits are a stealthy black and gold number and a more traditional red and blue suit with some shiny metallic armour providing accents to the design. They look pretty good, but sadly we currently only have a couple of very brief glimpses of them from a new trailer for the Miles Morale Ultimate Edition. So I hope you like awful quality screen grabs from a YouTube video with loads of motion blur…

Spider Man Remastered No Way Home black Suit

The manner of these two suits’ release is quite odd. Spider-Man Remastered is available for PlayStation 5, but it’s not available as a standalone game, and is only available as part of Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition or through upgrading the standard version of the game. Choosing to do it this way means that the many people that bought the original game on PS4 – this stood at 13.2 million by August 2019 – are excluded from checking them out. Then again, it’s not the first time that the PS5 remaster has received exclusive suits.

Given the difficulty for people to get the PS5, people have called Insomniac out for this on Twitter, with Insomniac replying to one such comment to say:

Since its 2018 release, we’ve updated Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) 19 times, adding more suits and features than originally planned. Each patch has been more technically complex, especially with maintaining PS4 HDD streaming performance.

To ensure fans continue enjoying Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) at its optimal performance, we’ve made the difficult decision to release these new suits for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered (PS5) where our PS5 engine allows us to update the game without jeopardizing player experience.

What do you think?

Spider-Man Remastered was a big overhaul of the game’s engine to support the PlayStation 5. This includes making use of the console’s SSD to make things like fast travel ultra-speedy, adding a 60fps performance mode as well as having support for ray traced reflections, and haptic feedback for the new DualSense controller, just as in Miles Morales. Insomniac also decided that they would replace Peter Parker’s face.

In our review of the original game – read the full review here – Gareth wrote:

“Marvel’s Spider-Man does a spectacular job of making you feel like the ultimate Spider-Man. From swinging through the city at high speed to fighting off legions of enemies by zipping between them and pulling them into the air, its gameplay looks like a scene from the films. It’s remarkably well realised in terms of its world, design, and even technically, with short loading times and a rock solid framerate even on the base PlayStation 4. If Spider-Man is your thing then this is an essential purchase.”

Earlier this year, Sony made a big splash by announcing that Spider-Man 2 is in the works, picking up the story after Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The one problem for Spidey-fans? It’s not coming out until 2023!

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