Horizon Forbidden West gets a short gameplay video at The Game Awards

Horizon Forbidden West PS4

The Game Awards trailers continue with a short look at Horizon Forbidden West which finds Aloy in an insane battle against the robotic creatures that roam the land.


Earlier this year Guerrilla Games has announced that it will be starting a new podcast exploring the world of Horizon, and that podcast will be called GAIACast. This podcast will be delving into all things Horizon, both Zero Dawn and Forbidden West. The first podcast dropped on November 23rd with the main focus being Horizon Zero Dawn. The first episode will be called All About Aloy, and as you can guess it will be about the main character. In addition there are some more images to see from the world of Horizon Forbidden West.

The above gif shows off the settlement of Chainscrape which is an Oseram outpost town on the border. The town will be a social hub for Aloy to explore with lots of resources to find nearby. In addition, Chainscrape will have a bar that will let Aloy meet lots of different characters and from there learn more about the world, and no doubt find some interesting quests to undertake.

Espen Sogn, Lead Living World Designer, had this to say.

With a world as vast as the Forbidden West, it was important for the team to maintain the level of authenticity that was achieved in Horizon Zero Dawn. “Every non-combat NPC in Horizon Forbidden West is part of a crowd system. Within that system, you can create rules such as reactions, walking paths, and other animations. We then also have the attitude system, which determines a personality. This means we can create unique people who behave like individuals within the world. We are constantly adding layers of authenticity within the world through animations and behaviors. When members of a tribe are in their settlement, their safe spaces, they can act like themselves. The Oseram are a social and historically patriarchal tribe, so their animations are more about shoulder punches and high fives. The Utaru, on the other hand, are laid back, so they will often sit down together and be a bit more touchy-feely. As the player moves around, these are potential subconscious hints that will help you visualize where in the world you are.’

‘All of this happens within the game’s narrative framework. You should be able to identify from a distance which tribe you’re looking at. The way that different tribes hold or transport water: the strong Tenakth will carry it on their shoulders; the peaceful Utaru will hug it closely; and the crafty Oseram will carry it with their hands.

Horizon Forbidden West will be released February 18th, 2022.

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