The Anacrusis launches on Early Access and Xbox Game Pass in January

The Anacrusis will be released into Steam and Epic Games Store Early Access and Xbox Game Pass as a preview title on January 13th. The Anacrusis was first announced in June during E3 2021 by developer Stray Bombay for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The game is a four player co-operative shooter where four people try to survive aboard a luxury space cruiser as aliens board it, with every part of the ship becoming compromised.


“We’ve built a core game that we’re really thrilled to share with the community. The Director 2.0 is able to push players of all skill levels to their limits, universal crossplay let’s people play with their friends on all platforms, and Game Pass lets us reach a much larger audience than we could otherwise,” said Chet Faliszek, Stray Bombay Co-Founder and lead developer on the Left 4 Dead series. “We’re really proud of the first three episodes of the game, which we’ll be releasing in January, but we want to integrate the community’s feedback as we finish the first season and beyond.” 

The first season of The Anacrusis will put players in the shoes of Nessa, Guion, Liu, and Lance, four characters that are forced into the fight as they are there when the aliens invade. As players fight through the ship they will be able to pick up new perks, which include boost defences or stacking upgrades to make weapons more powerful. Different weapons and tools will also help including the Respawner which allows you to respawn teammates, and as well as shield grenades. The Anacrusis will have mod support and when it launches there will be some mods already available from the community. The game will also support cross play between Xbox and PC. Matchmaking will group you with other players based on your playstyle too. Each run will be different as placements of items and enemies will change through each playthrough.

Source: Press Release

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