Destruction AllStars 2022 update promises game-wide improvements

Destruction AllStars PS5 Update Patch Notes Header

Destruction AllStars will be getting a major update next month, developer Lucid Games has confirmed.


This latest patch has been dated for January 26, 2022, boasting a raft of improvements as we approach the game’s first anniversary on PS5.

In the meantime, don’t expect Destruction AllStars to put on a Christmas themed event. While some fans had assumed that festive AllStar outfits and vehicle paintjobs are coming, Lucid Games has stated otherwise.

The studio posted a comprehensive early preview of the first 2022 update, complete with images and GIFs. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know that’s coming to Destruction AllStars:

  • Menus will receive a new look, helping to display important information and letting you better show off your AllStars and any rewards you’ve unlocked.
  • A revamped HUD making sure you’re getting the right information at the right time.
  • Many in-game actions have new visual effects to help identify what’s happening.
  • New visual effects when slamming into opponents, indicating the impact of your hit.
  • Improved post-match screen, with better score breakdowns.
  • Quicker transition between matches.

The Destruction AllStars update will also make changes to the Wreckognition system. Here’s what the devs had to say:

We heard a lot of feedback around the core experience of Destruction AllStars with some of the key feedback being that games could feel a little out of your control, with no clear indicator of player skill or an obvious means to use skill to climb the leaderboard in a match. In response, we’ve revamped the Wreckognition system and changed the way you earn your Hero Vehicle and AllStar Breaker. In the live game, these abilities will passively charge as you play the game, receiving a boost from collecting shards and other pickups around the arena. After the January patch, these skills will no longer passively charge and instead need to be actively charged by performing skillful actions in the arena, such as takeovers, evades and wrecking opponents. All of these actions feed into your Wreckognition combo score, which is ranked, and your best rank awards XP at the end of a match.

In our Destruction AllStars review, we scored the game a decent 6 out of 10, saying:

“The car combat genre has long been out of fashion and still has a way to go if it wants to take us back to its glory days of the 1990s. Destruction AllStars is a mostly satisfying modernisation that has some neat ideas and looks fantastic, though ultimately spins its tyres on repetitive rival-wrecking gameplay and a lack of truly worthwhile content at launch.”

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  1. I just want them to fix the last two trophies I need. Played 75hours of that shallow game and I want my platinum! 🙂

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