Destruction AllStars update 2.2.1 stamps out rage-quitters

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Developer Lucid Games Ltd. have rolled out their newest update for PS5 car combat title, Destruction AllStars. Update 2.2.1 is now available to download and install – you’ll need it in order to access the game’s online features!


There isn’t a whole lot crammed into this latest patch though it adds a much-requested feature the Destruction AllStars community have been asking for. When playing the newly added Blitz game mode, you won’t be able to quit back to the menu. This will hopefully prevent disruption with players dropping out between rounds, either because they’re losing or didn’t manage to snag the AllStar they wanted.

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But what is Blitz? This mode was added as part of Destruction AllStars Season 1 Hotshots with competitive play in mind. It follows a similar format to Mayhem (think team deathmatch, but with cars) but with four teams of three players. Matches are split between rounds, the first team hitting the score threshold taking a win, with character ability and hero energy carrying over.

And now for those patch notes…

Destruction AllStars Update 2.2.1 Patch Notes

Removed the option to quit games in whilst in a Blitz match.

As we intend for Blitz to be our competitive game mode, we want to ensure that we’re encouraging the best mindset ,behaviour and experience for you and other players when playing.

Quitting a Blitz Match due to not being able to pick your favourite AllStar or losing 1 round (as we’ve seen from our in-game analytics) leads to a negative experience for other players, for now we will be trialling this method in Blitz only.

Please make sure to give your feedback on this.

Improved the chances of backfilling players into empty spaces at the character select screen if a player leaves the match.

Fixed an issue where challenges were not progressing whilst playing Blitz.

Fixed an issue that caused players to get stuck in an infinite queue if they closed the game after joining a match.

Destruction AllStars was originally intended to release alongside the PS5 in November 2020 as a full-price launch title. However, just weeks before, Sony decided to push it back to February 2021 – not only that, it was available to download for everyone with a PlayStation Plus subscription.

While the action is fast, fun, and fluid, paywalled singleplayer content and the repetition that comes from constantly shunting other racers left us longing for a true Twisted Metal successor.

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  1. A bit of a “nothing” update really, which sucks as they are planning to add bots to the online modes and adjust some of the trophy requirements in a later patch. I’m two trophies away from the platinum and am basically waiting now until they add Gridfall back into playlist rotation.

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