Regiments latest open playtest focuses on Operations game mode


Regiments has a new open playtest, MicroProse has announced. The new playtest has been built to focus mainly on the Operations game mode that will be one of the key features when the real times tactics title releases in 2022. In this mode, Regiments players can expect a tough go of things as battles will take place over a number of maps and in game days, with the consequences of previous engagements impacting what will happen next. You can access the Regiments playtest through Steam.


Persistance will be high in Operations with everything recorded and kept as things move forward. Platoons will retain their positions from the previous day, engineering obstacles will remain place throughout so you cannot hope they will just disappear, and the landscape itself will show the scars of battle with wrecks from previous skirmishes staying place. Battles will take place during the day and night. Night battles see the use of night vision and Illumination artillery.

Operational Points will be the main resource to use and can be earned completing objectives, but they will not be abundant. These points can be used to order supplies, get engineering support, boost companies, upgrade Task Forces or recruit more. During phases different events will occur with some being helpful and others a hindrance. They include air support, another battlegroup, supplies failing to arrive on time, and communications being jammed.

Regiments take place in an alternate history during the year 1989. A New War is occurring between NATO and the Warsaw Pact with Germany as the battleground. Players will be leading their own regiments in the game as the war unfolds during real time battles with large scale commands made to turn the tides of war in your sides favour. Regiments is expected to release on PC in 2022 but MicroProse has not given a specific date yet.

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