Insomniac Games are tweeting about the Chimera again, are they hinting at something?

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Insomniac Games seem to have suddenly found some love for their old but popular Resistance franchise and it’s got fans in a tizzy.

During 2020 they tweeted to celebrate the release of each of the three games in the franchise (they also celebrated the release of Fuse which we think they should probably forget), but apart from that their entire feed was Spider-Man, Myles Morales, and Ratchet & Clank. Let’s take a look at what they have been tweeting.


In October 2021 there was a random image from Resistance with no comment, just some explosion icons.

The 4th November a “Resistance 2 release date” tweet which noted it has been 13 years since the game came out, followed by the Resistance 1 launch date tweet. Neither of these events had a celebratory tweet in 2020 and the thirteenth birthday is an odd one to celebrate. Then things started ramping up in December.  “Have some Chimera in your feed,” they tweeted.

Then we got holiday greetings from the alien race…

Another Chimera image on Boxing Day…

And another one yesterday, noting that the Chimera are “incredibly photogenic.”

So what does this mean, are they hinting at a new game or perhaps a remaster? That’s certainly what fans are asking for, but with PSVR 2 likely to launch this year maybe Sony are resurrecting Resistance for their new hardware. That has happened in the past, PS Vita got a Resistance spin off to help sell the console, and an “incredibly photogenic” game would show off the power of PSVR 2.

However the fans may need to temper their expectations as I’ve had a look back further in their Tweets and it seems that during the colder months Insomniac rather like tweeting about Resistance and the days when physical media ruled. They like tweeting about the winter of disc content.

There were tweets about Resistance on 16th, 17th and 28th December 2020, the 10th and 19th January 2021, and finally 1st February.  After that we then get a big gap until the tweets mentioned above from October onwards.

Rather than hinting at a new game it does look like Insomniac just like remembering Resistance in the colder months. Sad times.

We also know Insomniac are working on another Spider-Man game alongside Wolverine so their resources will be stretched. They are part of Sony now so there’s a small chance another team, perhaps Bluepoint, have something Resistance flavoured on the way.

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  1. Preferably a new game. A remake would be Nice – a remaster, No thanks. Too many of those.

    I always thought Resistance should have a TV series – Resistance: Chronicles.

  2. I doubt this means anything other than insomniac reminiscing

  3. Yes new Resistance please and MotorStorm and yes a Riiiiiiiidge Racer…

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