Horizon Zero Dawn has officially sold more than 20 million copies

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PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst has announced that Horizon Zero Dawn has now “officially” sold over 20 million copies across PlayStation 4 and PC – is that a dig at the Days Gone sales kerfuffle?. It’s a huge milestone for a brand new IP, and comes less than a week before the release of its PS5 and PS4 sequel Horizon Forbidden West.


It’s worth noting that this figure is for copies sold up to 28th November 2021. Horizon Zero Dawn has been given away by Sony in the past, as part of the Play At Home 2021 initiative, but that figure isn’t being counted.

Horizon Zero Dawn was easily one of the biggest success stories of the PlayStation 4 generation and a real validation of Sony’s strategy to focus on new single player IP, letting Guerrilla Games step away from the Killzone first person shooter franchise that had been their bread and butter for a decade. It was no surprise that Aloy became a PlayStation mascot and has been incredibly popular with cosplayers.

We scored the game a great 8/10 upon its original 2017 release, enjoying the deep sci-fi tale that Guerrilla told, the precision battling against the robots that now roam the Earth, and soaking in the technical showcase that Guerrilla had cooked up.

The game almost immediately broke sales records for a new first party IP on PlayStation. Within two weeks it had sold 2.6 million copies, which increased to 7/6 million after the first year and 10 million a year later. Horizon Zero Dawn went on to be the first game that Sony ported from PS4 to PC, with the company continuing to explore this avenue to bring their games to broader audiences. 

We gave the game on PC a 7/10 in our review, a mark down from the PlayStation 4 version as it needed a beast of a PC to run. “Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition brings Guerrilla Games’ fantastic sci-fi adventure to a whole new audience, but PC players used to ultra-high frame rates will have to accept a step down in performance as they enjoy Aloy’s journey,” we said of the port, though Guerrilla were quick to acknowledge that work needed to be done and released a string of patches until they were satisfied with the quality of the game.

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  1. Well, the debacle was about Ghost of tsushima and Days Gone.

    Any number on PS4 vs pc?

    • Yeah, it was about two other games, but the “officially” can still be a bit of a dig about the overall debacle.

      No word on the split, but HZD had sold 10 million after its first two years on PS4, so you can guess it’s probably something like a 17:3 split.

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