The Ascent is coming to PlayStation next month with New Game+ mode

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Cyberpunk RPG The Ascent is coming to PlayStation 5 and Playstation 4 on 24th March, Curve Digital and developer Neon Giant have announced, bringing its Xbox console exclusivity to an end after roughly nine months.


The Ascent launched for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC in July of last year, a console exclusive and a day one inductee into the Xbox Game Pass library. The game is a top-down action-shooter RPG set in a sci-fi cyberpunk-inspired world that’s descending into chaos after the mega-corp that runs your arcology suddenly collapses. It made a real splash when it was announced thanks to its gorgeous neon-filled visuals powered by Unreal Engine and its frenetic top-down combat. Not only that, but it’s playable in both single-player and with up to four-player co-op.

Since release, Neon Giant has made a few additions to the game, but one of the biggest is the New Game+ mode which is out today for the game on Steam. This free new mode becomes available after completing a first playthrough, this adds tougher enemies, increases player levels up to 30 and lets weapons be upgraded past Mk. 10.

Alongside this, the Cyber Warrior DLC pack is available for £3.99/ $4.99 adding two new weapons, one new tactical, seven armour pieces and three new weapon skins.

Creative Director Arcade Berg said, “We’ve been blown away by how amazing the response to The Ascent has been so far on Xbox and PC, so we are thrilled to be bringing the game to a new audience of PlayStation players. We started making The Ascent because we love making games and we want to share what we’ve made with as many gamers as possible in the hope that people enjoy playing it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

We rather enjoyed the game on its original launch, as you can see in our review video;

In the 8/10 review Nick said “The Ascent has got all the grimy character that you would want from its sci-fi cyberpunk setting, and there’s a great combat system to go with it. Simply put, The Ascent deserves your attention.”

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