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Xbox and PC exclusive The Ascent from Curve Digital has been rated for PlayStation 4 and 5 by the ESRB, following an earlier rating the always leaky Taiwanese ratings board.

The Xbox One versions runs at 30fps while the Series X version hits 60fps so we expect something similar when it lands on PS4 and PS5.  The CyberSec DLC launched for the game last year and was rather cheaper, costing just £3.99 / $4.99 so that may be bundled in the with PlayStation versions. It contained a bunch of weapons and armour rather than quests.

“The Ascent has got all the grimy character that you would want from its sci-fi cyberpunk setting, and there’s a great combat system to go with it,” said Nick in our 8/10 review back in July 2021.  “Simply put, The Ascent deserves your attention.”

The Ascent set a new sales record for publisher Curve Digital, achieving $5 million in sales across its launch weekend. In the process they grabbed the top slot in the Steam Global Charts.

That figure is big news for a few reasons, not least of which is that this success came alongside The Ascent’s release into Xbox Game Pass on day one. It’s available across Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC through Game Pass, but a lot of gamers have still flocked to buy the game outright.

Off the back of this, Curve Digital has described themselves as a “revitalised publisher”, in part from how they’ve adapted their business and crafted their PR campaign to handle the launch. Recognising that they had an eye-catching game, and that Cyberpunk is all kinds of in right now, they focusses on community engagement and reaching streamers to build hype. Over 1700 streamers generated 10 million views, and 90% of global “Tier One” publications covered the game with reviews. Of course, being able to lean on Xbox Game Pass and the partnership with Microsoft over the last year hasn’t hurt either.

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