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Humble Games had a great year in 2021, publishing the critically acclaimed Unpacking, Unsighted, Dodgeball Academia and more, and as we’re a good chunk of the way into 2022, the indie publisher has announced nine more games that it will be shepherding through to release. Some are new announcements, others new partnerships, and more are on the cusp of release with dates penned into calendars.

The two headline acts were really Monaco 2, a sequel to Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine that I’ve been hoping for for almost a decade, and Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical, which features a soundtrack by Austin Wintory to accompany its modern delving into Greek mythology, but there’s plenty more besides that. Here’s all of the games, announcements and the trailers to go with them.

Monaco 2

Monaco 2 is coming from original creators Pocketwatch Games, but ramps things up with procedural generation for buckets of replayability, and a whole new art style with 3D levels. There’s no release window, and all we know is that it’s coming to PC, but I’m hoping they subtitle it ‘What’s Yours Is Still Mine’. Read our full story here.

Stray Gods: The Roleplaying Musical

Kickstarted under the name Chorus: An Adventure Musical, Humble’s backing has allowed Summerfall Studios to become more ambitious in their plans. With an Austin Wintory score and Laura Bailey in the lead role of a branching narrative penned by former BioWare lead writer David Gaider, this is one to keep an eye on. Read the full story here.

Coral Island

A re-imagining of the farm sim game genre from indonesian studio Stairway Games, Coral Island invites you to pretty much do whatever you want in its island setting. There’s a real focus on environmental awareness, as ocean conservation becomes an important theme that runs through the game.

Moonscars – PC – Summer 2022

Black Mermaid has been cooking up Moonscars, a 2D slasher-platformer with skill-based combat in a dark fantasy setting. I’m sure this will have plenty of fans when it comes to PC in summer 2022.

Ghost Song

Ghost Song wears its Metroid inspirations on its sleeves, both in gameplay and thematically. Players wake up on the moon of Lorian V and have to delve deep underground to find secrets, new abilities and battle foes. There’s the classic power-giving sitting statues, familiar abilities from Samus Aran’s arsenal and more, but Ghost Song still looks like it has its own tone and identity.

SIGNALIS – PC, Xbox One – Fall 2022

A classic survival horror with a really distinctive aesthetic, SIGNALIS casts you as a technician replika searching for her lost dreams. There’s puzzles to solve and nightmare creatures to overcome in this dystopian retrotech world.

Infinite Guitars

Infinite Guitars blends together a rhythm action game with an RPG, where you have to dodge rhythm-based attacks and then pull off your own guitar solos to fight back. There’s an anime-inspired art style and environments to explore across a world devastated by a mech war. Oh, and a riff-tastic sountrack, of course.

Chinatown Detective Agency – PC, Xbox One & Nintendo Switch – 7th April

Coming out in just a couple weeks, Chinatown Detective agency is inspired by the Carmen Sandiego games of the 80s and 90s as you dive into an adventure and do real world research to solve cases as you unravel a global mysery.

The Iron Oath – PC Early Access – 19th April

Turn-based tactical RPG fans should look up The Iron Oath when it launches into Steam Early Access on 19th April. You lead a mercenary company through the realm of Caelum, hiring new recruits, managing your operations, and going on dangerous missions to build up your fearsome reputation.

Phew! That’s quite a lot of games! Did any stand out for you?

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