What We Played #575 – God of War Ragnarök, Modern Warfare 2 & Signalis

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It’s Friday, and you know what that means – getting down to talking about the games that we’ve played over the past seven days, of course. I’ve been bouncing between a few different games, revisiting the co-op gem that is It Takes Two for its Nintendo Switch release, playing through the start of God of War Ragnarök to support Jim’s review, a little of Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer over the weekend, and bracing myself for the high-speed horror game known as WRC Generations. It’s pretty darned great, but those extra-long stages are gruelling and the wide open stretches of the new Sweden rally are terrifying.

God of War Ragnarok Preview Thor

Let’s start with Jim this week, who (as mentioned), reviewed God of War Ragnarok this week. While he’s reached the end of this epic tale, he said “I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface, with a glut of side content that could keep me occupied for weeks, if not months.” That will obviously be because he’s spending the rest of his waking moments playing Marvel Snap – “Perfect one-handed game that’s ideal for when carrying a baby around the house.”

Gamoc was “suddenly given a PC and the new Call of Duty”, which almost sounds like someone rage quit a MP match so hard they threw their gaming rig through his window. In actual fact, COD was on PS5. He’s played the first few campaign missions of Modern Warfare 2, hopped into Unreal Tournament 3 and Rimworld, and finished off his review of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.

Nick P’s been “hammering” Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, grinding through gun ranks and “beating up fools”. He also played through the Winter Expansion for RE Village, but found the story ending a bit cheap. And there’s been obligatory bouts of Overwatch 2, Dead by Daylight and Fortnite.

It Takes Two Switch Online Co-op

My It Takes Two buddy for online co-op was Nic B, who’d never played the game before. He’s keeping his secrets over whether he enjoyed playing a game with me – let’s face it, how could he not? – but did share that he’s “fallen into a rabbit hole of trying the games Instagram advertises. They’re mostly hot garbage.”

It was time for babysitting in Aran’s household… by which we mean he started playing Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. The game literally had him going to find milk for a baby and then calming it down in minigames. He also played Hardspace Shipbreaker, which has been pretty relaxing.

Steve played through the atmospheric Signalis – the review will be going live later today – wading through an enemy-filled marsh in Xenoblade Chronicles, and trying a bunch of leftover demos from Steam Nextfest.

Signalis Combat

And finally, Miguel played a bit of the new Star Ocean The Divine Force – which has had surprisingly little marketing attached to it – the indie game Dome Keeper and a bit of Apex Legends. He also dabbled with the ‘Haunted PS1 Demo Discs’. I’ve no idea what they are, but horror nerd Steve, loves them, which is really no surprise.

Now then, what have you played this past week?

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  1. I’ve been playing a variety of things including Skyrim and Kane & Lynch 2 multiplayer. I’ve also been tempted by a combination of Sony’s PSN sales and their new Stars promotion so I’ve platinumed She Sees Red and started Mortal Kombat 11, as well as Syberia 3 (which is good but I can’t help feel the option to manually save would be nice. Also, if you like hearing characters repeatedly say Kate Walker then hoo boy, is Syberia 3 the game for you!).

    • I’ve just bought Skyrim again, this time on PC. I think that makes it four or five times now!

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