Hello Neighbor 2 release date set for December 2022 – pre-order beta now live

The long-awaited sequel Hello Neighbour 2 will release on 6th December 2022 across PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game is now available for pre-order, with this granting access to a beta test that starts… today!

The game will take players back to Raven Brooks and a neighbourhood where everyone seems to have something to hide. Hello Neighbour 2 will expand on the original stealth horror hit game, and this beta will give a taste of what the full sequel will contain, from its new locations and residents to its visuals.

TinyBuild state that, if you start playing the beta, you won’t need to worry about game spoilers. They’re keeping it “spoiler free” with as many of the game’s secrets as possible kept back for launch day. The beta is a scenario that won’t feature in the final game. You will have access to the cork board that will let you establish and connect clues from your investigation.

Still, we do know the basic premise of the game already. Set right after the events of the first Hello Neighbor, you play as Quentin, a reporter looking into disappearances in the Raven Brooks area who starts to suspect the rather secretive Mr. Peterson. It’s time for a little house invasion, but Mr. Peterson’s going to do what he can to stop you uncovering his secrets!

As in the first game, Mr. Peterson will learn from how you play the game and adapt his tactics to try and catch you from one attempt to the next. However, now he’ll be able to learn from all of the game’s players at once, feeding hundreds of thousands of players’ play styles into a neural network to learn new and surprising tactics to defeat you. This beta is sure to make the AI even more dastardly than ever before.

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