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As Bethesda fans eagerly await new Starfield gameplay footage, the Microsoft-owned studio has given us another look behind the curtain. Once again, we see key developers sat around a table in comfy leather chairs, discussing elements of Bethesda’s upcoming RPG, never taking a sip from their perfectly-placed Starfield mugs.


This time the focus is on sound design, led by Audio Director, Mark Lampert, and Starfield Composer, Inon Zur, who also worked on Fallout 4, The Waylanders, and Outriders among other video games.

If gaming soundtracks aren’t really your thing, then there’s not a lot to extract from this latest vid. However, those fascinated by the melding of music and interactive entertainment can listen to Inon Zur’s inspiration and process. If Starfield is anything like Skyrim or Fallout 4 in terms of scale, you’ll be listening to these in-game tracks a lot. As Mark Lampert points out, in the vastness of space, the music is almost like your companion during your interstellar odyssey. There’s also plenty to be said of how this meshes with the ambient sounds you encounter, fragments of music subtly making their way into the world around you.

Starfield has a planned release date of November 11, 2022, and will be coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC. With Microsoft having acquired Bethesda, don’t expect to see the game on rival platforms such as PS4, PS5, or Nintendo Switch. We expect to see a lot of gamers renew their Game Pass subscriptions towards the end of the year…

We’re yet to see a full-blown gameplay demo of Starfield, even with its launch just months away. Bethesda has been steadily oozing teasers and tiny scraps of info to keep fans guessing. Recently, the developers gave us a peak at Vasco, your robotic companion,  having also announced that player-run settlements will play a large role in Starfield.

If you’d prefer to travel back in time instead of blasting into space, Bethesda is currently giving away a number of its beloved titles for free via Steam.

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  1. Bold of them to get John Cage to do the soundtrack.

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