Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is totally coming to Switch this summer

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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (better known as TABS) is coming to Nintendo Switch this summer. The wobbly strategy game has gained a big following on Xbox and Steam, but you’ll soon be able to take that gaming with you while travelling on trains, planes and automobiles.


TABS is a pretty simple game, as you lead either the red or blue wobbler armies, sending your troops into battle. A big part of the game’s appeal is its wobbly physics model as you armies march forth, get clattered into by projectiles, and try to overcome the enemy.

There’s over 100 wobbler units already within the game, but you can also make new ones within the unit creator, sending them into battle through single player missions, or challenging friends and strangers in online multiplayer.

The game was cooked up wall the way back in 2016, coming out of a week-long game jam session in a castle, and quickly caught on after that point, to the point that it has had 4.5 million players to date.

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