Gran Turismo, God of War, and Horizon TV shows announced by Sony

god of war tv show
god of war tv show

An investor briefing from Sony has revealed that three television shows based on their hit franchises are in development. The Horizon franchise will be heading to Netflix, God of War will be streaming to Amazon, and a Gran Turismo show is also in the works.

They join The Last of Us, which will be on HBO, Twisted Metal on Peacock, and the recent hit movie based on the Uncharted series. There’s also a Ghost of Tsushima movie on the way and Sony’s PlayStation Productions arm are no doubt looking at many other games.


Series based on God of War and Horizon would be incredibly expensive to make, not a problem for Amazon or Netflix, but there’s always the chance they may be turned in to animated shows. There’s also the big problem of casting the lead characters. Aloy is perhaps the easier to cast, Game of Thrones Sophie Turner would be perfect, but live action Kratos is going to be hard to get right. The Rock is the obvious choice but he’s busy doing a hundred films a year and would only be able to play the older Kratos. Jason Mamoa, currently filming Aqauman 2, would also be a good fit and he spent his earlier years on the TV series Stargate Atlantis.

As for Gran Turismo, a game with no plot, that could be turned in to anything, perhaps some sort of rival to the BBC’s Top Gear?

Whatever happens to the franchises we’re unlikely to see anything on the screen for a good few years, first out of the gate will be HBO’s The Last of Us which should launch in 2023. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in February 2022, HBO’s programming president Casey Bloys was asked point blank if The Last of Us would be screened this year. “The Last of Us is shooting right now in Canada. We haven’t announced an air date yet. But it’s not 2022. They’re still shooting in Calgary,” he stated.

Here’s an idea of what the Horizon live action series could look like:

Source: Sony via IGN

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