Returnal could be heading to PC according to SteamDB

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Returnal could be one of Sony’s games that are heading to PC, and it would make it one of the first PS5 exclusive titles on PC. The rumour of Returnal’s potential release comes from SteamDB where a product called Oregon has been listed. That itself is not the clue. What is the clue are the tags such as bullet hell, female protagonist, and sci-fi. According to VGC, there are also references to Atropos and Tower of Sisyphus. Those are both central to Returnal.


Returnal was released in April 2021 and was met with a lot of critical praise. The game tells the story of astronaut Selene who crash lands on an alien planet. However, the mystery quickly deepens as she discovers that she is stuck in a loop, resetting each time she dies. The base experience was extended with the addition of the Ascension update. This update added the Tower of Sisyphus challenge mode, which added an endless survival element. The update also brought in co-op play for the main campaign, but that does not make things easier. Returnal is rebalanced to account for two players.

In our review for Returnal, Jim wrote, “It feels immensely satisfying to be sat here in 2021, eons after playing Super Stardust HD on PS3, and see just how far Housemarque has come. Offering a visual bullet hell spectacle, a showcase for the DualSense controller and a rewarding sci-fi narrative woven around the roguelike loop, we can say with unflinching confidence that Returnal is the PS5’s best game to date.”

A number of PlayStation exclusives have already been released on PC. These include Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, God of War, and Days Gone. Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection will also be released on PC. So, it is more than likely Returnal will make the leap at some point.

Source: SteamDB/VGC

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