Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain trailer showcases the series’ leap into virtual reality

It’s a lovely evening for a Sony State of Play showcase, and they’ve really come out swinging especially in terms of the PSVR2 announcements. Chief amongst them for most Sony owners will be a long look at Horizon VR: Call of the Mountain, the all-new entry in the Horizon franchise.


Developed by Firesprite, in partnership with Guerrilla, you take on the role of Raeus, and you’re charged with climbing the mountain in order to find out why the machines are attacking. They’re definitely attacking too, with the trailer showcasing a variety of cybernetic creatures coming ton give you a hard time, while you utilise some of Aloy’s recognisable weaponry including her mechanised bow. There’s also a heap of clambering, both up the mountainside and ropes as you make your way to the summit.

Sony gamers will be absolutely loving this longer look at the game, with Guerilla’s Horizon Zero Dawn one of the key single player franchises for PlayStation systems. The fact that Call of the Mountain is going to be amongst the earliest PlayStationVR2 games will give many PS5 owners even more of a reason to nab the all-new virtual reality system when it launches in the near future.

We’re big fans of Horizon Zero Dawn and its sequel Horizon Forbidden West here at TheSixthAxis, with the last game gaining a decidedly higher score than zero, with a 9/10. Our very own Tuffcub waxed lyrical about it, saying, “Horizon Forbidden West improves upon Zero Dawn in almost every aspect. The story is particularly well written and ebbs and flows from air punching highs to dark, horrific lows. Like later Jurassic Park movies it suffers from the fact that we’ve already seen massive robotic dinosaurs on our TVs, the wow factor is reduced, and that the puzzles, crafting, and RPG elements could have been lifted from any number of games. Even so, it’s still a spectacular robo-beast smack down and thoroughly enjoyable to play.”

Stay tuned to TheSixthAxis as we find out more details about Horizon VR Call of the Mountain’s release date, and whether it will be a launch title for PSVR2.

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