Halo Infinite campaign co-op beta test flights will go live in July

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One of several high-profile features cut in the run up to release, Halo Infinite’s campaign co-op will be getting dedicated beta test flights in July, as 343 Industries aim to ship the feature for all players later this year.


Similar to the multiplayer test flights held last summer, getting access to the Halo Infinite campaign co-op testing will require you to sign up for the Halo Insider programme and state your interest in participating. As always with 343’s community testing programmes, signing up does not guarantee a spot in any upcoming preview preview, and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been signed up for minutes, months of years – If you’re already signed up to Halo Insider, then you’re already eligible to be invited.

For the multiplayer testing last year, 343 has created a walkthrough video to detail the sign-up process.

Halo Infinite had a fairly rough landing after a drawn-out and tricky development. Originally planned for release alongside the Xbox Series X|S, it was heavily criticised after its first showing at the Xbox Series X gameplay reveal showcase, Microsoft taking the decision to delay the game and give the team more time to refine and polish. This eventually led to the eventual late 2021 release window.

However, 343 still struggled to get the game ready on time. Shortly before release, they confirmed that campaign co-op and Forge modes would be delayed even further, cutting both from the initial game’s release and pushing them back to Season 2 and Season 3 respectively. Season 1 for the multiplayer would then be stretched out for a lengthy 6 months, and now Season 2 is also a stretched out 6 months. The amount of new content coming in the first year has drawn plenty of disappointment in the game’s community.

Still, 343 are gradually getting there. The campaign co-op will please long-term fans of the series for whom playing in co-op has been a core part of the experience. It’s also a thoroughly enjoyable campaign, with a new sandbox world design that aims to be the foundation for the franchise for years to come. In our Halo Infinite review, we said:

“Halo Infinite marks a clear moment in 343 Studios’ handling of the series. They finally have a grasp on what makes Master Chief tick, and they bring all of that knowledge to bear in often-spectacular fashion. While some issues nag, it’s clear that Halo Infinite is a brilliant new entry in the series, and one that makes this particular sci-fi FPS relevant once again.”

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