For Honor Year 6 Season 2 is cursed, but in a good way

for honor year 6 season 2

Ubisoft has announced For Honor Year 6 Season 2 which will arrive on June 16, 2022, for all platforms.

Dubbed “Curse of the Scarab” the title of this latest season is a bit on the nose as warriors immerse themselves in an ancient Egyptian adventure. Throughout Y6S2 expect new events, a new legendary hero skin, and a battle pass loaded with themed cosmetics for your favourite fighters.


In For Honor Year 6 Season, Ubisoft will also open the doors to its Testing Grounds once again, this time looking to improve the game’s guard break system. Previously, two heroes – the Conqueror and Shaolin – received tweaks during their time in the Testing Grounds.

Before you ask, no there’s no new hero for Curse of the Scarab. At least not yet – Ubisoft has confirmed that two new heroes will launch during Year 6 and we suspect one will launch at the end of Season 2 with the other arriving just as we close out Season 4.

There is a new hero skin, however. These are new to For Honor, dressing up fan favourite characters in a premium outfit, overriding whatever armour and weapons you have equipped. They’re similar to the Elite Operator skins Ubisoft regularly releases for Rainbow Six Siege. As we predicted, it’s the Raider who gets a hero skin this season, turning the Viking warrior into a cursed behemoth. Of course, there’s a story behind this, with players learning more during an upcoming event.

Justice of the Pharaohs is a new limited time event mode that reimagines one of For Honor’s original maps. This twist on Dominion will be available from June 16th to July 7th with a free event pass, weapon cosmetics, and opportunity to bag extra gold and experience.

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