Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak – Seething Bazelgeuse coming in first Title Update

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Capcom released a pair of new Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak trailers, showcasing some more of what will be available later this week when the expansion launches for Nintendo Switch and PC on 30th June, and revealing what’s to come in the first Title Update for the game.

Let’s start with what’s effectively a launch trailer:


This first trailer reveals the return of Shagaru magala, Furious Rajang, and a new variant of the Monster Hunter Rise flagship beast, Scorned Magnamalo. The trailer also features footage of Elder Dragons, new subspecies and variants and more. Most importantly, fans get a glimpse of what’s to come in the game’s first Title Update, with the return of Seething Bazelgeuse.

Capcom have promised a raft of free updates for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and these are looking as substantial as we’ve come to expect from these over the years. The first update is coming in August and, alongside the newly announced Seething Bazelgeuse, brings with it the Lucent Nargacuga and the returning Forlorn Arena area. This will then be follwoed up in the Fall and the Winter updates, both of which will drop even more monsters into your lap.

Following on from that first trailer, a second video delves into the new High Rank armour set and weapon trees that you’ll have to rely on to reach the new Master Rank content.

These will be added with the new update that supports Sunbreak content. The ‘Black Best S’ armour set can be found when visiting Senri the Mailman at the start of the game, offering stats to help you weather the attacks of High Rank monsters. Meanwhile, the ‘Defender’ weapons from the base game now have High Rank weapon trees that you can find at the Smithy.

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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak releases for PC and Nintendo Switch on the 30th of June. Please note, you need the base Monster Hunter Rise game to play it, and have completed the main questline as well. You’d best get started sometime last week if you want to be ready in time.

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