Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil Project W confirmed

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Dead By Daylight will be returning to the Resident Evil universe for more of its action horror survival game shenanigans, with Resident Evil Chapter: Project W confirmed to be coming soon to the game.


If you hadn’t already guessed, the W in Project W stands for Willy Wonka Albert Wesker, known in-game as The Mastermind. The indoor sunglasses wearer has been transformed by the Prototype Virus, giving him superhuman strength and the ability to shoot out his tentacle-like Uroboros to infect others. Survivors can stave off the infection with limited First Aid Spray bottles, but they will only delay the inevitable.

Dead by Daylight Resident Evil Wesker

This nasty fate is what will await the two new Survivors: Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. Ada Wong is famous from Resident Evil 2 – and especially within her expanded role in the Resident Evil 2 Remake – while Rebecca Chambers appeared in Resident Evil Zero. At just 18 years, she’s the STARS Bravo Team field medic.

“The Resident Evil franchise has given birth to a multitude of acclaimed characters throughout the past quarter of a century, with every fan having their favorite. So, allowing them to step into the shoes of the nefarious Wesker, or famed protagonists Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers, is a way for us to treat our players, while taking the Dead by Daylight experience to the next level,” Dave Richard, Creative Director for Dead by Daylight said.

More details on all three will be revealed closer to launch.

There is another key factor, though. The Raccoon City Police Department map that launched last year has been given an overhaul… and been cleft in twain. RCPD will now be split into two separate maps built around the West and East wings of the building. The Main Hall will feature on both maps and retain its original layout, and they’ve made it easier to take the action outside, this this makes for a significant reduction in map size and should keep things pretty spicy.

This is the second time that Capcom has chucked Behaviour Interactive the keys to their classic horror game franchise, the first coming in June last year, as the iconic Nemesis stomped into the game and hunted down Jill Valentine and Leon Kennedy through the halls of the Racoon City Police Department. Behaviour Interactive proudly state that this second occurrence of the franchise is a surprise to fans in their press release, but… it was all leaked over the weekend. Classic video game announcement stuff.

Dead by Daylight is out now on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia and PC, with Resident Evil: Project W coming to all platforms. Stay tuned for when that might be!

Source: YouTube, Press Release

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