What We Played #562 – Two Point Campus, Frogun & Hard West 2

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We’ve made it to Friday folks! As the weekend beckons once more we look back on the week that was, and think about what we’ve played. I’ve been loving the Steam Deck life, using it to hop onto games I’ve just shut down on my desktop and playing them some more. Of course, a lot of that was Monster Hunter Rise with Nic, but I’ve also been playing a host of other things to tell you about in the near future including We Are OFK and something a little bit secretive.

Miguel has been playing Frogun and more Dusk Diver 2, plus some random revisits of Monster Hunter Stories 2, Warhammer 40K Space Marine, and Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal. He’s also been digging into Apex Legends as usual!

Frogun Review Screenshot

Gareth has been played Way of the Hunter for review and, well, he’ll have something to say about that at a later date. He’s also played Crusader Kings 3. Tuffcub meanwhile has installed Far Cry 6, asking’ “Does that count?? I got the patches as well.” I’m not sure it does count, but it could well be a case of pre-counting. He’s also played – fanfare please – Destiny 2.

Jim has stuck with Assassin’s Creed Rogue this week. He told us that “despite telling myself I’d blitz the mainline story missions, I’ve been roaming the high seas engaging in all sorts of optional activities, from raiding settlements and building a Templar navy to hunting sharks and whales. After Valhalla, it’s been good to revisit this older version of the franchise, even if it felt fatigued at the time of its release. It’s also got me in the mood to download Black Flag and ready up for some multiplayer – it’s easily one of the best online experiences out there and something I hope Ubisoft will one day revisit.”

Aran has been playing more Horizon Forbidden West. He says, “I’m just still exploring the world and tackling the side missions and errands that pop up. By the time I get to conquering the main story I’ll be very overpowered I feel.”

Hard West 2 Old Man Bill

Nick P has been mostly playing Hard West 2 for review! He’s also been playing Stray, The Quarry, Dead by Daylight, Friday the 13th and Fortnite too!

Steve has mostly been caught up with real life trying to sell and buy a house this week. He tells us, “Progress made but no achievement unlocked quite yet”.  Gaming-wise he’s enjoyed the preview of Sunday Gold, started his review of Arcade Paradise and played a few games for Xbox Rewards. Somehow he’s only a few weeks off getting a Series S for no real world money. You’ve got to respect the hustle! He’s away next week so Xenoblade will be his holiday companion.

Using his entire month’s allocation of locked caps in one go, Jason told us that he’s been playing “GENSHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN IMPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACT”. He calmed down enough to use actual words, saying, “I’m in awe of just how high quality the areas, the music, and the combat is. The writing also gets better the further you get into the game, and the summer event has been delightful.”

Nic B dropped in to let us know that he’s played [embargoed], Pokémon Go and Monster Hunter with me. So, you know, a standard week?

Two Point Campus Xbox UI

Finally, Tef has been letting his inner administrator loose while reviewing Two Point Campus. It’s just as goofy as Two Point Hospital, but has learnt and improved on it in pretty much every way. He’s also had fund with Turbo Golf Racing, which puts a fresh swing on the car and ball sports mashups.

Have you played anything this week? What was it?!

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  1. Having not really expected to get any platinums this week, I got the platinum for Lego Marvel Super Heroes on my Vita. I then decided to try and quickly take a couple of Vita games off my backlog and got the platinums for My Name is Mayo, as well as Just a Phrase by Powgi.
    I also got the multiplayer trophies for Assassin’s Creed 3 and a good proportion of the multiplayer trophies for AC Revelations done – so I’ve had a fairly busy gaming week!
    I’m hoping to wrap up the Revelations multiplayer trophies this weekend, as well as making a start on the AC Brotherhood multiplayer – I’m determined I’ll get them all done before the server switch off at the end of the month!

  2. This week I upgraded to Premium for the rest of my already running Plus subscription. I started playing Fallout New Vegas, which I missed back then but always wanted to try, and also to check out the streaming bit. But I fell asleep over this game already twice, waking up to a screen which said I was logged out due to inactivity… Not sure the game didn’t really age well or I was just so tired from loads of work returning to the office after my holidays… 😜

  3. Same things as last week, mostly.

    Finished off Ghostwire: Tokyo. Well, the main story. All good fun and looks great. Now I’ve just got a map plastered with icons to clean up. Which I’ll do. Probably.

    And from PS+, I gave the skateboarding game a go. Which is as “meh” as I was expecting.

    And the Yakuza: Like a Dragon. Even by Yakuza standards, it gets a bit weird. Very slow start, but it’s getting fun now. And the best the Yakuza games have ever looked. Just so weird. And for some reason, while I love a turn based game, it just seems wrong in this case.

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