Firewall Ultra announced for PSVR 2

firewall ultra psvr2

Sony have revealed a sequel to PSVR’s  Firewall Zero Hour and this one is heading to PSVR 2. Firewall Ultra is set five years after the original game and is described as “the next evolution in the Firewall franchise”.

“Since PS VR2 offers a much higher level of visual fidelity with 4K HDR, we’ve completely remade all character models,” explains Frank Marm, Community Manager at First Contact Entertainment. “The maps have also seen a complete overhaul, with new areas and new textures. There will also be new locations and contractors, but it wouldn’t be a Firewall game without the weaponry and equipment, which also feature a much deeper level of customization.”

“We’ve been listening to our community over the past four years, and we’re proud to announce that you’ll be playing Firewall Ultra on dedicated servers. We’re also adding rounds to the game, so each match will now be the best of three, and we’re adding an entirely new PvE experience. Plus, we have future content planned post-launch such as new contractors, maps, and weapons. ”

“On top of all that,” adds Frank, “Firewall Ultra utilizes new PlayStation VR2 Sense Technology features like eye tracking, which enables you to intuitively swap weapons and bring up HUD indicators through cameras built into the PS VR2 headset.”

We loved the original Firewall: Zero Hour game scoring it 9/10 in our review. “Firewall: Zero Hour is essential for PlayStation VR owners,” said Jim. “Despite this being First Contact’s debut game, it flawlessly executes on what the studio set out to do: to create PSVR’s first must-have multiplayer shooter. It may even sway some of those yet to purchase one of Sony’s high-tech headsets.”

Sony have confirmed that PSVR 2, or PlayStation VR 2 if you are being fancy, will launch in ‘early 2023’, you can read more about that here.

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  1. Now they just need to announce an Aim controller replacement for PSVR2. Or just some sort of attachment to turn the 2 PSVR2 controllers into one big gun. Because who wants to try and hold a gun with both hands when they’re not connected to each other? That’s just weird and doesn’t work very well.

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