Halo Infinite is getting a The Pit remake via Forge

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Halo 3’s popular multiplayer map The Pit is coming to Halo Infinite this winter, having been rebuilt using the titles upcoming Forge map-making tools.

The Pit’s remake has given another preview of what’s possible with the Forge toolkit, though it’s a fairly restrained effort compared to some of the things that the leaked Forge mode has been able to do in the hands of modders. While the map is popular, the reaction to this announcement hasn’t been particularly positive, given that it’s still two months away from availability, the significant shift in visual design – it had a realistic daytime training facility vibe in Halo 3 and is now a night time map with big hot pink/purple lights – and that it’s a relatively minor addition to a game that’s still struggling to find its footing as a live service. Not only that, but this was hyped up as a major announcement around the 15th anniversary of Halo 3’s release.

Forge will be available in a beta form this November, a heavily delayed component that will arrive roughly a year after Halo Infinite’s original release. It will come as part of the Winter Update, a stand-in for the further delayed Season 3, during which Campaign co-op and mission replay will get their official launch, alongside two new maps, a free battle pass, and more smaller content changes. As if further delays weren’t enough, the real kicker is that 343 Industries has cancelled the official release of local split-screen co-op. This despite local co-op actually working really damned well, when accessed through a not-too-tricky glitch.

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We handed the game a fantastic 9/10 in December last year, but 343 has been unable to follow that up with the kinds of strong support and constant additions that are required to make a live game successful. Getting a third map with the next update (even if it is a Forge remake) is a small step to improving things, and we hope to see 343 take more positive steps in the coming months.

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