Blizzard offers in-game items after Overwatch 2 launch issues

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As Overwatch 2 and Blizzard in general continue to struggle with server load and DDoS attacks – yesterday’s took down as a whole for a little while – the company has made a blog post explaining how they’re working to improve the game in the immediate future and revealing some compensatory trinkets that will be given to all players of the game.

“Launching Overwatch 2 as a live service comes with amazing opportunities and challenges, both anticipated and unexpected,” the studio writes. ” We’ve largely stabilized the game overall, and we’ve made a lot of progress in fixing or improving issues some of you are facing. We’re committed to consistently investigating issues as they arise, working quickly towards fixes, and being transparent with our community on the status of Overwatch 2.”

Many problems have now been largely resolved. The hours long queues of the launch last week have subsided – they weren’t helped by a DDoS or two – and issues with the account merging system for cross-progression have been filtered out so players retain their previous unlocks. Blizzard also partially backtracked on the controversial requirement for a phone number to be attached to your account.

A patch is planned for later this week which will address bugs and aim to make the experience as a whole more stable, with known issues being tracked on their forums here.

By way of apology, Blizzard will be holding some Double Match XP weekends to let players “make up for any lost time” during the service outages of the past week. The dates for these will be confirmed soon.

Overwatch 2 Free Reaper Skin

Additionally, anyone who logs into the game from October 25th through to the end of Season One will be awarded a new Cursed Captain Reaper Legendary skin and a Health Pack Weapon Charm. They’ll be automatically added to your collection the first time you log in during this period.

Overwatch 2 Free Weapon Charm

Overwatch 2 is a major shift for the team-based hero shooter, as it completely replaced the original 2016 title as a pseudo-sequel. The 6v6 battles of old are now 5v5, characters have received a bit of a makeover, and there’s three new ones, maps have been tweaked, but perhaps most significantly, it’s gone from a paid game to being free to play with a battle pass progression. Not all of this has been popular with the continuing fanbase, but there’s no denying that there’s been a huge uptick in interest with playing Overwatch 2 over the past week.

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