Report: A ‘PS5 Slim’ will launch next year with a detachable disc drive

PS5 Slim
PS5 Slim

Multiple sources has suggested that new version of the PlayStation 5 console will launch in Q3 2023. The revised model, dubbed the PS5 Slim, is said to have brand new chassis but with hardware that is almost identical to the current consoles but it will be smaller, cooler, and more heat efficient.

The one big change is that the disk drive will be separate and connect to the USB C port of the back of the console. This means that Sony will only have one model of PS5 rather than all-digital and disc based versions it currently produces. The sources suggest that PS5 Slim disc drive will be of a similar aesthetic to the PS5 console it self and it will be sold separately. It has also been suggested that the rather awkward stand that is used when the PS5 is placed horizontally will also be removed.

Industry insider Tom Henderson was one of the people to confirm the reports.

In August Sony announced that the price of the PlayStation 5 console will rise in Europe and Japan, but the price remained the same in the United States.

It seems “economic conditions” were the reason for the rise, including spiralling interest rates across the world. These have been caused in part by the astronomical costs of fuel, which in term is caused by the war in Ukraine. There are other factors, such as shipping costs rising, but as I am sure you all know the price of everything is rocketing at the moment, including the new PlayStation VR 2. 

In mainland Europe the price rose from 499.99 euros to 549.99 euros, while the price in the UK for a disc console went up by twenty pounds to £479.99. It is assumed the PS5 Slim will be priced closer to the current all-digital console when it launches.

Source: Insider Gaming

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  1. It makes sense to have just one production line. I wonder if there will be an extra USB port?

    • Has to be if PSVR 2 games are going to be sold retail… which they will be.

  2. I wonder if the external disk drive will work with the existing all-digital PS5?

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