Nintendo Switch Sports Golf update is finally out next week

Switch Sports Golf Update

The Nintendo Switch Sports Golf update will be released next week on Monday 28th November, finally adding the long-promised seventh sport to the mix of the Wii Sports revival.


As was confirmed back in September, Switch Sports’ Golf mode will not only take inspiration from Wii Sports, it will literally feature 21 holes drawn from the Wii Sports series. There’s no new holes in the game, which will be really quite disappointing for those who found the original release to be a little light on content. Since that May launch there have been a handful of updates, adding more leg strap support for football and new volleyball moves in late July. Golf is the last promised content from Nintendo.

When it arrives, you’ll be able to play in local play, or head online in the ‘Survival Golf’ mode for up to 8 players. Similar to the knockout bowling mode found in the original release of Switch Sports, Survival Golf will be a mini battle royale. After each hole, the player that hit the most strokes will be eliminated, so you’ll need to bring you A-game to each and every hole that you play.

Looking back on the original release, Jason wrote in our Switch Sports review that it “is a fun reminder of the Wii Sports craze, bringing back some classic sports and adding some new ones that make use of the Joy-Con and motion controls in more advanced ways. It’s all just a bit shallow, though, and difficult to wholeheartedly recommend unless you expect to play online a lot or constantly break it out for local head-to-head battles.”

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