Assassin’s Creed Valhalla 1.6.2 out early, Mirage’s Roshan included

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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s 1.6.2 update has been released a week early by Ubisoft, completing the final content drop for the Viking saga. The final drop includes a new quest line called The Last Chapter which will conclude Eivor’s story. There is another quest called Shared History in which Eivor works with Assassin’s Creed Mirage character Roshan. They will work together to take down a common enemy. Players can now also keep the hood up at all times and claim a free premium item from the store.

Stadia owners will be able to get this update too but only access it until Stadia shuts down in January. Ubisoft is working on a solution for Stadia owners of Ubisoft games to transfer their ownership to copies of the titles on Ubisoft Connect. You can read the full patch notes for 1.6.2 below.



  • Abilities cannot be activated during other combat actions.
  • The quest “A gift from the Otherworld” remains after completing The Forgotten Saga.
  • Eivor gets stuck under Nidhogg when the dragon is stunned



  • Hildiran’s Health Bar does not match their actual Health total.
  • In some rare instances, encountering a crash during a cutscene with Hildiran can cause gear to go missing and some quest flows to break.
  • Explosive jars are already blown up before starting the Dunwic: Trial of the Wolf.
  • Unable to progress the quest “A Challenge from the Gods” after the first cutscene.
  • Enemies hit with the rush and bash ability will not die or give points.  



  • During the quest “Finding Fritjof” Tyra won’t move inside the Foundry area.
  • Instances where Odin would become stuck upon loading into Svartalfheim
  • Unintended behavior occurs when reloading the game after buying runes from Kara.
  • After battling Riekr, the Jotnar Bearded Axe was not awarded.
  • Suttungr’s Outriders are not appearing on the map.
  • During the Quest “The Scholar and the Sunstone” walking over lava doesn’t charge the stone as intended.
  • During the quest “The Scholar and the Sunstone” Einar would stop moving.
  • Daily Quests can sometimes set a friendly Jotun NPC as a target to assassinate.



  • The cargo shelf in the Caves of Gold cannot be moved.



  • Legacy of Saint George markers are visible outside of River Raids.
  • Jomsviking crew members will run toward locked doors during Raids.
  • In some instances, the Jomsviking crew’s health would be reduced when discovering a new location.



  • In some rare instances, players would not be able to leave to Francia after speaking with Pierre.
  • During the quest “A Hidden Weakness” Bernard can get stuck in a loop preventing the quest from progressing.
  • Unable to speak to Toka at the start of the quest “Strangers bearing gifts”



  • Azar has died in England preventing the completion of “Dublin’s Reach”
  • When being grappled by an Irish Hound Eivor can get stuck in the animation.
  • “Man’s best friend” ability is not unlocked after completing the quest “A little problem”





  • Eivor’s cape obscures the camera during the Flying event in Eurvicscire.
  • The quest “Bound to Fate” was not added to the quest log after completion of the Jotunheim Arc.
  • Crashing issues can be encountered on PS5 during the quests “Restless Dreams” and “Beyond Fear”.
  • The quest “Twist and Turns” not updating after defeating all the enemies.
  • In some instances, the quest “Firing the Arrow” cannot be started.After building Valka’s hut, the objective is not marked as complete.
  • While fighting Basim, abilities that cause damage over time would simplify his phase 1.
  • Unable to kill Bishop Herferith during “A Sword-Shower in Anecastre”
  • Cannot interact with Loki in the quest “View above all”
  • “Stoneman” Mysterynot be marked as complete upon completion.
  • The quest “A Mild Hunt” can’t be completed due to the NPCs not being interactable. 



  • Everold’s shop vanishing after being built.
  • Rocks can be seen floating in the mountain area in Fornburg.
  • Riding a mount around Ravensthorpe can result in your mount slowing in some places.
  • It isn’t possible to confirm the kill against the Zealot “Callin” as he has clipped under the map.
  • In the quest “Breaking Teeth, Not Hearts” the mystery NPCs all spawn in dead.
  • Notification for leaving the boss area for Daughters of Lerion can appear when visiting the areas after the boss has been defeated.
  • It isn’t possible to kill Leofgifu because she is stuck in a hut.
  • When loading into the game it is always raining.
  • In some instances, the shelves couldn’t be moved to obtain the key in Saint Hadrian’s Priory in Cent.



  • Corrected the 10% critical chance per kill for the Jorogiri short sword.
  • The damage buff perk from the Yurei Bushido doesn’t activate when weapons are ignited.
  • Items purchased in the Helix Store can disappear from the inventory.
  • The Amalgam Sword perk activates incorrectly in some circumstances.
  • The Yurei Bushido armor (Ghostly) perk doesn’t work as intended. 
  • Dwarven hairstyles and beards are duplicated in the inventory.
  • The Scythe light attacks can sometimes break shieldbearer’s guard stances.
  • The Light-Fingered skill does not work around some lootable items.



  • After using Photo Mode the pause menu will not function as intended.
  • Some of the taller NPCs in Ravensthorpe shrank in size.
  • The Celctic Armor is missing visual elements.
  • Unintended behavior occurs when performing transmog on some weapons.
  • Unequipped Store Items still appear present on a Mannequin after saving or loading.
  • Finisher animations do not always play out on stunned enemies.
  • Using a ration while interacting with a movable object causes an unintended animation.
  • NPC sizes can alter when doing certain tasks and actions.
  • Idunn’s Heart Effect is visible while inactive on the Dublin Champion gear set.
  • Irregular behavior occurs when using the alternate combo ender with the Hammer and free off-hand.
  • Added additional stability improvements to Valhalla.
  • Using the ability “Rush and Bash” in some fights could prevent interacting with an NPC afterward.
  • After slamming enemies into a wall the follow up attack of Rush and Bash Level 2 does not trigger.



  • Changing tabs in Blacksmith rapidly causes unintended behavior with the menu display.

Source: Ubisoft

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