What We Played #582 – Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Blacktail & Warhammer 40,000 Darktide

Warhammer 40000 Darktide Header

It’s What We Played time, and as the holidays begin for many of us, we’ve been squeezing in even more gaming before a fresh batch of games arrives with the bearded man on the 25th. I’ve had a great week of gaming, playing a raft of different things with the kids including Jurassic World Aftermath, Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Malta, and Lego City Undercover. When they’ve been put to bed I’ve been playing Warhammer 40,000 Darktide, Granblue Fantasy, Blacktail, Superfuse, Citizen Sleeper and Marvel’s Midnight Suns which has made for an eclectic and thoroughly awesome week.

Ade was first up to bat, and he’s been playing God of War Bearded Kratos 2 saying, “After 20 hours or so, I’m finally getting into it! Took a looooong time to get going though, lots of boring bits.”

Nick P finally got the platinum trophy on Marvel’s Midnight Suns. He told us, “I know I keep banging on about it, but it really is superb! Started my clean up on God of War Ragnarok, going around and doing all the optional side battles. And finally, started a co-op run on Resident Evil 5, which is always fun.”

Making it three from four, Jason has also been playing a bit of Midnight Suns, saying, “It’s a genuine joy to mess around with”. That’s not all as he’s also dragged two newbies into Rocket League – “I’ve been having fun with that” – and he’s obviously been grinding Genshin Impact.

Cyberpunk 2077

Aran has played more Cyberpunk: “I’ve cleared all the NCPD Scanner activities and pretty much all of the gigs and side jobs too. Working my way through the main story now and will hopefully finish it by Christmas”.

Gareth has been playing Diablo 3 since his PC agreed to play it and he also started Citizen Sleeper. That’s not all though, as he tells us, “I also started playing Evil Genius 2 since it’s on PS+ Premium-Best-whatever package it’s included in. And on top of that I’ve also played Beat Saber. They added a mixed music pack of rock songs, with Freebird, Sweet Child o’ Mine, Eye of the Tiger, and more in it and they’re quite good. And yes, Freebird is eight and a half minutes long”.

Steve finished the “lovely” Blacktail saying, “It’s a real relic of a previous age where quirky games with their own identity flourished”. He followed that up with the very modern Miles Morales telling us that “It’s an impressive showpiece for the PS5 and perfect Christmas gaming”. He’ll continue his regular attack of gaming goodness too over the holidays, “Got a pile of awesome games cued up for the festive period but not sure where I’m going after Spidey’s adventures. Maybe Evil West for a real change of pace”.

Blacktail Baba Yaga FPS combat

And finally, Tef wrapped up his run through High on Life last weekend. He’s not yet had a chance to try Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which is patiently waiting for him to do so, maybe this weekend?

Now then, what have you played? And do you know what you’ve got lined up under the Christmas tree?

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  1. Still got the new job (Yay!), but it’s all been frantic this week so I’m knackered and only managed a couple of hours gaming here and there this week. Also, I’ve weirdly got no fingerprints now, due to the job, so unlocking my phone is a challenge, but I can probably go on a bit of a christmas crime spree and get away with it. So, er, that’s good ;)

    So bits and pieces here and there. Some Witcher 3, which is still looking nice on the PS5. Bit more of Escape Academy (highly recommended).

    And with the January sale that started this week, Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark. How I managed to not know about that one until recently, I don’t know. Fun little tactical RPG thing. For just £4.99. Plus £2.49 for the DLC you probably definitely want as well. Love the way it encourages experimentation with different classes and building up a good stock of part members. If a party member dies, they’re injured and you want to swap them out for someone else for the next battle. Plus you can send them off to do their own thing on missions, so you need more for the story battles. If you like a proper tactical RPG, it’s definitely worth it for just £7.48 including the DLC. Bargain.

    • I’ve been eying Fell Seal up for a while – I do not need any more games to play, but I can now wholly blame you for its purchase.

      • It’s a good one to take your time with, especially with the DLC. You can send your characters out on missions, so far up to 3 missions at a time, with 2 to 4 characters going on each. Then it takes time for them to come back. So do a story mission or two, maybe go back into an area to patrol and level up a bit more or so you can bench any injured characters until they recover, and then send them out on missions. At that point, go and play something else while you wait.

        For a cheap little game, there’s a lot of depth to it. Level up different classes and gain the abilities and then mix and match them to create some interesting combinations. And then upgrading guilds to give bonuses (another part of the DLC) while on missions. Battles can take a while, especially if you want to play a bit more cautiously and heal. Or you can charge in and attack and probably end up losing some characters and having to leave them out of the next battle.

        So yeah, go and buy it and blame me if you must. Enjoy.

  2. I have also started my new job – in actual offices as opposed to working from home, yay real life people, boo commuting – on Monday, I’ve not had a chance to play anything at all due to work, I’ve not even had time for pikmin bloom!
    But I have been involved in baking for Christmas buffets and secret Santas etc which isn’t a normal part of my week, so I’m sure I’ll have more time as things settle down again over the next few weeks
    I’m hoping to get some time in to play over the festive break but I’m not sure if, when or what so we’ll see!

  3. I continued playing Assassins Creed Valhalla, until it was taken off Plus mid of the week… Darn. It’s the first AC game that somehow clicked with me, after rubbish Origins, which I mostly bought for the museums tour, this has a halfway decent story, meaningful characters and funny quests.
    I was tempted but didn’t buy it straight away, so started up Deathloop, before that one will be taken off Plus at some point. It looks promising, but as I was working an awful lot this week, I didn’t get far. And now I’ll be away from my stationary consoles for two weeks, for my regular Christmas holidays with the family in the Alps, so maybe I’ll get some Vita gaming in then.

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