“Eye c sth forming” message could be teasing Cosmic Smash return

Cosmic Smash

Earlier today a mysterious message was sent to inboxes with the message “Eye c sth forming”, with a link to site called CSmashVRS. This same teaser appeared on SEGA’s social media accounts with the image of a blinking eye. If you go to the website you are met with the same eye which morphs a couple of times, letting you play a game of breakout. This then shifts to a countdown pointing to a an announcement on February 13th.

The style of the website and the name suggests that SEGA is looking to release Cosmic Smash for new generations, and possibly on VR. Cosmic Smash is a mix of breakout and squash, but it has been a long dormant title. It originally released in early 2001 in arcades in Japan, followed by arcade releases in Europe. Then the game was released on SEGA Dreamcast, but only in Japan with the game never hitting Western home console markets.

The gameplay itself consists of players moving between stops where they need to break blocks to continue. There is a time limit to reach the final stop, and the time gets replenished with the amount dependant on how quickly a stop is cleared. Cosmic Smash could be the perfect title for VR and with the announcement coming in February, before the launch of PSVR2, it could be a launch title for Sony’s latest hardware.

Last week, Sony did confirm the launch line up for PSVR 2 with it including Before Your Eyes, Kayak VR: Mirage, and Gran Turismo 7. That is not to say though that there couldn’t be one last surprise in store before the headset is launched.

Source: SEGA

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