Destiny 2 is back online after 20 hours emergency downtime – Hotfix is rolling out now

Destiny 2 update 4.0.1
Destiny 2 update 4.0.1

After around 20 hours of emergency downtime following yesterday’s broken hotfix update, Destiny 2 is now coming back online with the new Hotfix update rolling out across all platforms.

This Destiny 2 patch has hopefully resolved the progression issues affecting Triumphs, Seals and Catalysts, as well as re-enabling Destiny 2 Vendors, Item Perks and Mods and Subclass options.

Given the fact that the bug introduced last night affected player progression, Bungie has taken the quite dramatic sounding, but sensible measure of rolling all Destiny 2 players accounts back to how they were at 8:20 AM PST on 24th January. This means that:

  • Players will have to redo progress or quests completed between 8:20-11 AM PST
  • Eververse purchases will need to be redone. Silver spent during that time will be restored
  • Silver bundle purchases will be added back to player accounts.

They do note that some enemies may continue to drop Rare (blue) engrams when players reach the soft cap, which will be resolved in a future update.

That should bring to an end a period of unexpected excitement for Bungie’s server team, especially with the studio now just around one month away from the launch of the game’s next big expansion, Lightfall. Hotfix, was mainly about balance and minor tweaks as the studio round out the past year’s content.

Destiny 2: Lightfall will be coming out on 28th February 2023 across PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC, bringing with it a new setting and powers for Guardians to take into battle.

Lightfall will off a pretty wild new story arc, with Calus threatening mankind with the new Shadow Legion, new enemies like Tormentors and foes that can drain your super energy.

That’s far from everything, though, because the new centrepiece is the city of Neomuna on Neptune. This isn’t just any old city, but rather home to another completely separate race of humans who’ve been chilling out there while everything else in the solar system goes completely to pot – thanks for the help, eh? Its inhabitants are called Cloud Striders, while their city has a vibrant, neon-filled Cyberpunk aesthetic.

Their introduction will also come with a new variation of Darkness called Strand – a connection to the psychic universe that is like a “third eye” opening, according to Bungie. This gives Guardians whips and a grappling hook that they can use to augment their movement – seems that Bungie are still Halo fans, eh? While using Strand, each class gets a new super ability, the Hunter getting a Rope Dart, Titans some massive spinning claws and Warlocks Strand missiles.

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