Destiny 2 coming back online after update broke player progression [Updated]

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UPDATE 3PM GMT 25th January: Destiny 2 is now coming back online with Hotfix update rolling out to address the problems with

UPDATE 1PM GMT 25th January: Destiny 2 is still offline as Bungie search for a fix to resolve the progression systems that were broken by update

Their last message came overnight, saying that the resolution for this issue was expected to arrive between 3-4AM PST (11AM-12PM GMT) today, once it had been sufficiently tested internally and could be deployed. They have now overrun this target, but the timeline was was subject to change, as this was clearly a sudden problem to spring up and required the team to work late. It’s reasonable to now expect a fix to be implemented during normal working hours on the US West Coast.

As part of the fix, Bungie will be rolling back all player accounts to their state as of 8:20AM PST (4:20PM GMT) yesterday, which was prior to Hotfix going live. This will ensure that players that lost gear while the broken update was active will have it restored.

UPDATE 9:30PM GMT: It does not look like the issue will be fixed any time soon. If you had Destiny plans tonight, maybe play something else.

The original story:

Destiny 2 Hotfix was released earlier this evening and almost instantly players were reporting issues. It seems that the update removed progress from some catalysts, seals, medals, and triumphs, and there were other issues. I personally found that removing a weapon from the Vault and then selecting it from the character screen made it vanish. Very odd.

Bungie have now taken the game offline for an unspecified amount of time.

You can read the Destiny 2 Hotfix patch notes here.

Destiny 2: Lightfall got a splashy new reveal during The Game Awards last year, showing off snippets of the new setting and powers that you’ll get access to in the expansion

Lightfall is the next year-long expansion for Destiny 2, kicking off a pretty wild new story arc. Calus is back with the new Shadow Legion, and new enemies like Tormentors and foes that can drain your super energy.

That’s far from everything, though, because the new centrepiece is the city of Neomuna on Neptune. This isn’t just any old city, but rather home to another completely separate race of humans who’ve been chilling out there while everything else in the solar system goes completely to pot – thanks for the help, eh? Its inhabitants are called Cloud Striders, while their city has a vibrant, neon-filled Cyberpunk aesthetic.

Their introduction will also come with a new variation of Darkness called Strand – a connection to the psychic universe that is like a “third eye” opening, according to Bungie. This gives Guardians whips and a grappling hook that they can use to augment their movement – seems that Bungie are still Halo fans, eh? While using Strand, each class gets a new super ability, the Hunter getting a Rope Dart, Titans some massive spinning claws and Warlocks Strand missiles.

Destiny 2: Lightfall will launch on 28th February 2023 across PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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