Capcom establishes Creative Studio to increase motion capture capacity

Capcom countdown
Capcom countdown

Capcom has announced it has established a new studio in Osaka, Japan, and this studio is called Creative Studio. Creative Studio will be a support studio to assist on game production, with the key feature being that this studio expands Capcom’s motion capture facilities, adding two capture studios.

In a statement, Capcom described the new studio writing, “The new Creative Studio is a cutting-edge production facility equipped with two motion capture studios. By enhancing the spatial density of filming with 150 cameras, including the latest ultra-high-resolution models, outfitted in one of the largest filming areas in Japan (11m×15m×5m), this new studio makes it possible to simultaneously film as many as 10 actors or even carry out full-performance motion capture. Additionally, the facility enables the company’s game developers to maximize their creative and expressive abilities by coordinating filming with Capcom’s game development environment, which is powered by Capcom’s proprietary RE ENGINE game development tools. By completing this facility and establishing a system of three motion capture studios in total, Capcom continues to promote ever greater efficiency in game development while working to create the world’s best content.”

Capcom has been on a roll recently. It was confirmed a few days ago that Resident Evil 4 Remake passed four million sales. The Resident Evil series as a whole pass 135 million sales since its debut in 1996.

Resident Evil 4 Review

In our Resident Evil 4 review, Steve wrote, “Resident Evil 4 Remake is a more mature and darker take on Leon’s Euro Trip that constantly plays with your expectations and prior knowledge. The core narrative stays true to the original, but it’s not afraid to make some significant changes, while the new gameplay flow lends itself brilliantly for repeated runs for specific challenges that I’m already planning. I’m eagerly awaiting the Mercenaries mode as the hard hitting combat should be perfect for high score chasing, but in the meantime Leon is about to have a bad day all over again.”

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