What We Played #604 – Planet of Lana, Beat Saber & Gollum

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It’s been a busy old week, as we take our first steps into the splurge of game announcements, trailers and more that is typical for May and June. There was plenty to enjoy during the PlayStation Showcase, filled as it was with some big reveals and announcements, though outside of Spider-Man 2, it did feel a tad light on big PlayStation exclusives.

In the run up to that, I played the gorgeous side-scrolling adventure Planet of Lana for our review, and made a little start on Miasma Chronicles. My time with that game was cut short by then disappearing off to Big Ben Week to try out Nacon’s upcoming slate of games. Expect plenty of previews to drop in the next couple weeks!

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With the PS Showcase now in the rearview mirror, we also asked everyone what games and trailers were exciting them the most.

Jason’s excitement got the better of him, to the point that he totally forgot about the first half of the question and just shouted Dragon’s Dogma 2 – something Dom absolutely agrees with. Dom played Boltgun and Exoprimal, by the way.

With the new season of Destiny 2 dropping, Tuffcub has brought his self-imposed exile to an end. That’s not all, though, because he’s also been having “squishy fun” in Dying Light 2, dipped back into the fun puzzling of Humanity and loaded up Beat Saber 2 on PSVR 2, which is still just about as perfect as it has ever been.

Nick is continuing on with his Big Game Review for next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that, but he’s pretty darned happy about Metal Gear Solid Delta, cannot wait for Spider-Man 2 – the same as Ade – and somehow almost forgot about Alan Wake 2!

Aran’s game review isn’t as big or as secret – he’s been playing Away: The Survival Series for its Xbox release next week, alongside Protodroid Delta and a bit more of Gears 5. He’s picked Spider-Man 2 and Snake Eater as his two most anticipated games from the PS Showcase, but he’s also intrigued by Phantom Blade Zero.

Gamoc booked himself into Two Point Hospital this week to recover from reviewing The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. His picks from the showcase were pretty standard: Spider-Man 2, MGS Delta and Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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It was some Game Pass gaming for Steve this week, who’s been testing out his new Xbox Series S with games like Supraland: Six Inches Under, Somerville and Planet of Lana. He’s also been revisiting the Citadel while reviewing System Shock Remake, and squeezed in a little Tears of the Kingdom. He PS Showcase pick was The Plucky Squire.

So there we have it. Pretty much everyone and their dog was excited by Spider-Man 2, Metal Gear Solid and Dragon’s Dogma.

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  1. Thanks to a nice deal at Argos of all places, I picked up Jedi Survivor for 30 quid. Well, I bought a new DualSense and then paid 30 quid extra for the game. Still a bargain. Enjoying it so far.

    And the usual PSVR2 stuff, except now with added Beat Saber (well, I will be playing plenty of that if they fix it) and the wonderful Walkabout Mini Golf. Could do with matchmaking for 8 player games, instead of just 1v1 or private lobbies with codes to share. But apart from that, it’s hours of fun. Highly recommended.

    And with PS+ I’ve been giving Humanity a go (so far, a bit too easy for a puzzle game), Chivalry 2 (great for a game here and there), and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, which looks, and really does show off the SSD speed when the dimension switching thing happens.

    Also, shiny new TV. Sony TVs are expensive, but you can get them cheap when they’re trying to get rid of last years models. Who needs OLED when you can get a picture that good without it? I just wish people wouldn’t make TVs where the HDMI ports are set to “standard, won’t do anything over 1080p, let alone all that fancy 4k120 and VRR stuff” by default. I guess setting it to anything else by default can cause problems, and recognising if a device supports the newer HDMI features is a part of the newer HDMI standards. Which the TV doesn’t support by default. The joys of modern technology.

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