What We Played #605 – Street Fighter 6, System Shock & Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

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It’s with great sadness that we’re coming to the last four day week in what feels like forever. The Spring Bank Holiday is behind us, and we have to wait until the very end of August, some three long months, before we get the next one. However will we survive?

I’m sure playing games will remain the answer and I’ve been diving in and out of a whole host of games lately, including the Company of Heroes 3 console release, Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader’s beta, Total War: Pharaoh, SteamWorld Build and getting some cheeky looks at games we’ll all be hearing plenty more about in the next few weeks.

Nic B played “An absolute tonne of Zelda” and has now beaten the game, but is also “wondering what to do with all of this free time as I wait for FF16 to come out later this month…”

Meanwhile, Aran finished off the main campaign for Gears 5 and enjoyed his time with it enough to roll straight into the DLC Hivebusters campaign. He’s also started Fall of Porcupine for review, for which Gamoc quipped he should use a quill when it comes time to write it up.

Speaking of Gamoc, he traded in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor which allowed him to grab Dead Island 2 for £2. “It’s interesting how good it is, and that it’s better than Dying Light 2,” he said. Then again, he rates it behind the original Dead Island and Dying Light. He also played a little bit of Beat Saber in PSVR 2.

Steve had a relatively quiet week, spending most of his time with the System Shock remake, “which is the best way to play this classic game but may prove frustrating for those used to more forgiving modern design choices.” He also dipped into a few shrines in Tears of the Kingdom and played through the wonderful Planet of Lana – the music is now the soundtrack for marking and writing.

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And finally we come to Mr. Nick P, who’s able to reveal that the last fortnight of gaming has been all about Street Fighter 6 for our review. “It’s the first game I’ve given a 10 and is fully deserved! I might not play anything else now!”

Now then, what have you been playing?

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  1. I’ve been having a handheld sort of week, playing both Convergence and Tears of the Kingdom, with a dash of other bits and bobs!

  2. 15 years after I played it on my PS3, I’m still amazed by Pixeljunk Eden, it is such a fantastic game. Now, on the PS5, I’m playing through the DLC, and get some left-out trophies.

    Initially, I wanted to downgrade to Extra, as Premium is clearly not worth it (apart from Eden, that is), but Sony keeps me from doing that. Because I have Premium, I do not get Extra on sale, and Premium on sale is cheaper than a regular Extra. Maybe I’ll figure out a way to get a cheap Extra, but I think it’s 100 points again here for Sony’s anti-consumer attitude. Annoying.

    Apart from that, I continued Jedi Fallen Order, which is surprisingly good for a game by EA, who officially don’t care much for single player games.

  3. I’ve been playing Guardians of the Galaxy which i grabbed cheap on account of Gamestop shutting down here in Ireland and selling off their stock. It’s an entertaining romp, looks great and i’m enjoying the banter between the characters. The combat isn’t my favourite aspect but the companion moves you unlock as you progress help along the way.

    I also downloaded and played the Alone in the Dark demo and i have to say i was really underwhelmed. From the moment i realized i was playing as a child, all expectation of fear was dispelled. If those bumps in the night were supposed to be scary then i guess the child didn’t react to any of it because she was aware that her uncle is in the house so any noise could be attributed to him? She seems almost blasé even when the environment around her suddenly and dramatically changes, dismissing it as something her uncle is probably up to. The final scene feels like a tease but also a cheat, like a scene that’s been composited from what might happen in the full game. There is no storyline provided, some awful blurring with camera movement and all in all a very dull demo.

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