Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X wraps to customise your console with Starfield and camo

Starfield Xbox Wrap

Microsoft has taken the wraps off a new line of Xbox Console Wraps, a bespoke customisation option for gamers who want to restyle their console or have a limited edition console look, without shelling out another £450+ for a new machine.

The two console wraps will let you dress up an Xbox Series X with a stylish looking Starfield themed skin, or a pair of camouflage designs – Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo – which will help to disguise your console if you live in the Arctic circle or at the bottom of an aquarium. The camo designs are priced at $45 / £40 and coming out on 10th November, while the Starfield skin (if you can get one) is $50 / £45, available from 18th October.

What’s particularly interesting is the method that these console wraps are applied. Ever since launch, there have been plenty of people applying vinyl skins and sticker decals to their Series X, or even removing and spray-painting the outer case, but these can be difficult to apply with sticky residue on stickers or be a permanent change with paint.

Microsoft has created a very specific custom fit with flat silicone printed panels that fit around the console and grip with an internal printed texture, and then fasten in place with velcro. To ensure cooling is maintained, the air intakes and ports at the rear are kept clear, and there’s also feel at the bottom to make sure that you don’t block air coming in through the console’s base.

It’s an interesting approach to customising console designs, that’s for sure, and rather different to the removable plates that Sony engineered for the PlayStation 5 (and fought so hard to prevent third parties copying). Somehow, Sony’s plain coloured panels of moulded plastic are $55 and more expensive than Microsoft’s printed panels of silicone. Both are still rather pricey, if you ask me.

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