Evercade announce two new arcade collections to coincide with new console

Evercade have been doing great things with retro gaming for the past few years, and that march looks set to continue, with today’s announcement of the Toaplan Arcade 3 and the Data East Arcade 2 collections. They’re set to launch in September this year, alongside the all-new Evercade Alpha, a bartop arcade system that’s compatible with all the previous Evercade cartridges.

The Toaplan Arcade brings even more great arcade action to Evercade with a total of seven awesome titles from the more recent history of the legendary Japanese developer. The lineup includes fan-favourites Batsugun and Out Zone, as well as Batsugun Special Version, Truxton II, and more great cuts from the vaults of Toaplan.

Data East Arcade 2 sees one of Evercade’s original license partners return to the system. The large selection of genres available from Data East makes it a perfect starter for new fans and a great dive into cult arcade classics for existing fans with early releases like Shoot Out and Express Raider alongside Super BurgerTime, B-Wings, Midnight Resistance and the fan favourite Joe & Mac Returns. There are 12 games in total on this collection.

Evercade began life as a handheld system, and it was one that we were very taken with when we reviewed it back in 2021. Its party trick was that you could plug it into the TV via mini-HDMI, and it has subsequently collected some of the most well-known retro titles from creators including the likes of Atari, Namco and Interplay. That was then followed by the Evercade VS, a home console version with two cartridge slots, before a hugely revised handheld, the Evercade EXP arrived. Recently they’ve started to manufacture larger-capacity cartridges, with an original Tomb Raider collection the first to arrive.

Both collections are due for release in November 2024 at the same time as the new Evercade Alpha bartop arcade system. They’re available to pre-order from September 26th, 2024 from all Evercade retailers. These collections are in the new purple spine colour to show that they’re arcade collections and if you’re collecting the full set they’re numbered cartridges 11 and 12.

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