Who is Emio? – Nintendo tease new Switch horror game

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Nintendo are either teasing a new horror game for Nintendo Switch, or taking one of the more unusual directions for a Nintendo Switch 2 reveal, with the release of a creepy new teaser trailer:

So who, or what, is Emio? Well, per Gematsu, the trailer in Japan is titled “The Smiling Man”, while US and EU regional accounts have titled it “Emio”, though that doesn’t really answer the question.

The Japanese video also links to this teaser website.

So… who wants some baseless speculation?

There’s obviously some jokes to be made that Nintendo could be taking a very PlayStation 2 direction for the reveal of their next console:

Alternatively, this is a gritty reboot of the Luigi’s Mansion series, despite the popularity of the games with their original family friendly form of spookiness.

But we’d put our money on something completely different. Nintendo doesn’t have the greatest history with horror games themselves, with just a few notable exceptions. It was really during the Nintendo GameCube era that the Japanese company tried to shake off the reputation as being exclusively about kids and family friendly games. During that time Nintendo published Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem by Silicon Knights (who shut down in 2014), and penned the exclusivity deal with Capcom for the GameCube exclusivity of the Resident Evil, Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil 4.

All of that is to say, this is definitely Resident Evil 9 and it’s a Nintendo Switch 2 exclusive.

Or maybe not.

I don’t know.

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