God of War III

God Of War III: October 2009?

Amazon decides November to February don’t exist.

God Of War III E3 Gameplay Footage

World lets out a little bit of wee as God Of War III demo shown off at E3.

Godly God Of War Screens

Kratos is back, and these shots show he’s as angry as ever.

God Of War 1-3 On Blu-ray?

Want both God Of War prequels with the sequel? Well you better get voting then!

GoW III Gameplay Video

Leaked footage of the hotly anticipated title hits YouTube. Watch it while you can.

God Of War III “Has No Physics”

Santa Monica developer at GDC09: “GOW III doesn’t have physics”

GoW III Co-op Confirmed?

Is the big God Of War III online co-op reveal coming this Friday at the GDC?

New God Of War III Trailer

My desk is ruined, my mouth is gushing, but do I care? Not in the slightest.

God Of War III Details

GameFAQs user claims to see the truth. It’s probably not that far off, to be honest.

God Of War III: Online?

(update) Sony Santa Monica looking for Online Gameplay Programmer for GOW Team.

God Of War 3 Trailer

Fed up of only 99% positive PS3 news? Check out this trailer.

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