SingStar Volume 2

SingStore Update: 25/09/08

Well, technically it was meant to go up last Thursday. But it didn’t.

SingStore Update: 04/09/08

I get knocked down, then I get up again. It’s the PSN mantra.

SingStore Update: 21/08/08

Five Star, Jesus Jones, Sister Sledge. Are my eyes deceiving me?

SingStore Update: 07/08/08

Best record ever hits Singstar this Thursday. Best. Record. Ever.

SingStore Update: 24/07/08

More Proclaimers? SCEE, you are angels. ANGELS. Well, mostly.

SingStore: 10/07/08

Oh look, it’s the Volume One songs. Online. I’m not buying.

SingStar Volume 2 Review

A ‘happy’ Alex declares SingStar 2 the PS3’s best game. Yes.