Harmony Mode Free Download For SingStar 1

ThreeSpeech have managed to get lots of questions answered regarding the recent announcement of SingStar Vol 2. Firstly, the new ‘Harmony’ mode will be a free download to owners of the first SingStar game, which is great news, and SCEE are working hard to get the tracks from the second disk onto the SingStore, licensing issues aside.

However, whilst the interview does say that SingStar Vol 2 will feature the PSP connectivity (browse, buy, view other videos etc remotely) it’s not clear whether this ability will also be available with the first disk – we’re assuming not. Nicely, though, both disks can be swapped out freely (like the PS2 games) and all songs bought on the first game are naturally compatible with the second. There will also be at least one other volume, presumably by Christmas.


Finally, the most downloaded song on the SingStore is Europe’s The Final Countdown. Seriously people, you need to stop playing this game pissed.